Sweat & Gears Indoor Cycling Playlist & Profile

Yesterday marked my return to teaching, to say I was nervous was an understatement. I was worried about coaching my riders while I wouldn’t ride myself. Our studio has a video screen that never gets used so I thought I’d take a chance and create a video playlist to help engage the riders and take the focus off me not being able to ride. At our studio we all teach on the bike so they riders aren’t used to that dynamic. Thankfully my return was on a quiet Sunday afternoon and there was only 5 riders in class! It felt great to be back on the podium and my March schedule is quickly filling up so I hope I’m back on the bike soon – there’s just something about riding with your class that makes it even better! Get ready to sweat! Turn up the tunes and turn up those gears!!

Indoor Cycling Workout

Warm-Up 4:43

Combo Terrain
The Walker
0:00-0:44 Seated Climb
0:44-0:58 SPEED PUSH
0:58-1:42 Seated Climb
1:42-2:10 SPEED PUSH
2:10-2:34 #3
2:34-3:18 Seated Climb
3:18-3:40 #3 @9

Speed Work
Dare You
0:00-1:00 7.5 @95
1:00-1:30 8 @ 105
1:30-2:34 Seated @ 8
2:34-3:05 #3
3:05-3:35 8 @ 105

Combo Terrain
0:00-1:48 speed
1:48-2:21 8 hold speed
2:21-3:00 #3
3:00-3:38 8 seated climb
3:38-4:00 #3

Extended Climb
0:00-0:30 Seated
0:30-End #3 Climb starting at 8, 9, 10.

Mixed Terrain
Can You Do This
0:00-0:25 Seated @ 7
0:25-1:02 105 @ 7.5
1:02-1:27 SLOW HEAVY
1:27-2:02 105 @ 8
2:02-2:29 #3
2:29-2:52 105 @ 9

Speed Work
Harlem (New Politics)
3 Power pushes on CHORUS.
Recovery 8 @ 90-95

30/30 Combo in/out
Harlem Shake
30:30 #3 and saddle at 8/9

20/10, 8 Rounds

Combo Terrain
Hey Brother
0:00-0:35 Slow & Heavy
0:35-1:06 95-105 7.5
1:06-1:45 95 @ 8.5
1:45-2:20 105 @ 7.5
2:20-2:53 #3
2:53-4:07 105 @ 7.5

Slow Building Hill
Bad Blood
Climb this hill starting at 7 and finish breathless.  Climb your way to the top.

0:00-1:15 #3
1:15-1:45 Sprint
1:45-2:45 #3
2:45-3:24 Sprint

Combo Hill
Wake Me Up
Random intervals of adding tension. Starting at 6, getting to breathless of 10.

Speed Intervals
0:00-0:40 Easy 7.5
0:40-1:10 105 @ 8
1:10-1:50 EASY
1:50-2:25 105 @ 8
2:25-2:40 EASY
2:40-2:55 #3
2:55-3:30 105 @ 8

Empty The Tank
The Phoenix

Cool Down
I’m The Man

Get Swinging: An EXPRESS Kettlebell Workout

Today marks 2 weeks since my surgery and I’m still not cleared for exercise, the magic number is 3 weeks. I’ve got my fingers crossed for light clearance next Friday. Today also marks 10 days until I return to teaching – SO EXCITED!!

Last week I gave y’all an indoor cycling workout, this week we’re going to my old stand-by, kettlebells, for an express workout. The total workout will only be 20 minutes, you can always repeat it 3 times for a full 60 minute workout. For this workout 2 different kettlebells would be ideal – each different weights (one heavy, one a little lighter).

Kettlebell Cardio Workout

60 Seconds Each. 2 Rounds.

  1. Kettlebell Swings
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Kettlebell Reverse Lunges
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. Kettlebell Side Bends (30 seconds each side)
  6. Fast Feet or High Knees
  7. Kettlebell Bent Over Row (30 seconds each side) (LIGHT WEIGHT)
  8. Plyometric lunges (Round 1)  // Jump Squats (Round 2)
  9. Kettlebell V-Sit while holding KB, advanced: twist side to side (LIGHT WEIGHT)
  10. COMBO: Kettlebell Burpees (VIDEO)

Pump Up That Heart – Indoor Cycling Playlist & Profile

Well I may be stuck in this recliner on recovery but that doesn’t mean you are! In between resting and napping – no they’re not the same ;) – I created this Valentine’s Day inspired ride. All the songs are about some kind of relationship, siblings, family, romantic, etc.. The one thing they have in common is they’ll get your heart, lungs and legs working! All my playlists are public on Rdio.com – which is a site I pay $9.95/month for – so if you’d like to hear all my playlists check it out!

Spinning workout & indoor cycling

Crazy For You // Hedley
Warm-up. Here play with speed & tension. Warming up your legs and setting your intention for your ride. I use a scale of 5-10 for effort/tension. Your 5 is your flat road, cruising pace. To find your 5, take all the tension back off and slowly add it back in until you feel a pull at about 3 o’clock. At 10, you can still pedal over 55 but shouldn’t be higher than 70.

Red Lights // Tiesto
0:00-1:25  7.5, 95-100RPM
1:25-1:40 8, 105 RPM
1:40-2:00 8, 95-100 RPM
2:00-3:15 8.5, 105 RPM
3:15-3:47 8, 95-100 RPM
3:47-4:17 8.5, 105 RPM

0:00-1:10 Level 7.5, top speed
1:10-2:25 Seated climb
2:25-3:20 #3 out of saddle
3:20-3:37 Seated push with tension and speed

Hey Girl Hey Boy // Chemical Brothers
Alternate 30 seconds 9-10 slow and heavy with 30 seconds of 7.5-8 speed work.

Hey Brother//Avicii
0:00-0:35 Slow & heavy
0:35-1:06 top speed
1:06-1:45 add tension and keep speed
1:45-2:20 take tension pack to 7.5 and reach top speed
2:20-2:53 #3 out of saddle
2:53-4:07 take back tension to 8 and pick up speed

Fall // Serena Ryder
0:00-0:30 Recover and easy at 6
0:30-1:30 6/7 90-105
1:30-2:30 7/8 90-100
2:30-3:30 9/10 55/70

Rude // Magic!
This is a heavy & steady climb. Alternating in and out of the saddle where the music pulls you. Make sure you’re working at your max, you can always take the tension back, you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Happy // Pharrell Williams
0:00-0:52 7.5/8, 105
0:52-1:15 8.5/9, 85-90
1:15-1:38 7.5/8, 105
1:38-2:02 Out of saddle 8/9
2:02-2:50 7.5/8, 105
2:50-END 8.5/9, 80-90

Love is Gone // David Guetta
0:00-0:18 Slow & heavy
0:18-0:50 Out of saddle with lighter tension and faster pace
0:50-1:17 Seated, 8/9
1:17-1:48 Holding tension add 5-10 RPM to your pace
1:48-2:17 Out of saddle, 9/10
2:17-END Holding that 9, finish slow and heavy

Talk Dirty To Me // Jason DeRulo
30 second intervals. Alternate between in the saddle and out. When seated working at a 9, then out of saddle at your max tension.

It’s All Your Fault // P!nk
0:00-:047 8, 90-100
0:47-1:15 Holding tension add 10 RPM
1:15-1:54 8, 90-100
1:54-2:40 Holding tension add 10 RPM
2:40-2:50 8, 90-100
2:50-3:43 Holding tension add 10 RPM

Shoot Me Down // David Guetta
0:00-0:40 Light and easy
0:40-0:56 Transition – begin adding tension until you need to stand
0:56-1:26 Out of saddle, 10
1:26-2:00 Sitting at 7.5, cruising RPM
2:00-2:15 Transition – begin adding tension until you need to stand
2:15-2:45 Out of saddle, 10
2:45-3:05 Cruise easy

Stay The Night // ZEDD f. Hayley Williams
0:00-0:45 slow & easy
0:45-1:00 starting picking up tension & speed
1:00-1:30 7.5, 105
1:30-2:00 9, 70-80
2:00-2:45 8, 95-100
2:45-3:317 7.5/8, 105
3:17-END Easy

Alone Together // Fall Out Boy
This is YOUR chance to let out anything you’ve been holding back. Give this song everything you have. You can sit, stand, combine them. As long as you are giving YOUR maximum effort here that’s what matters. Finish leaving no doubt you’ve given this your everything, YOUR HEART.

The Man // Aloe Blacc
Cool Down. You made it. Ride easy, cool down and stretch!

Enjoy The Ride: An Indoor Cycling Profile & Playlist

Sometimes schedules just don’t line up or you get stuck in traffic or for a million other reasons you don’t make it to your cycling class. Not to worry – download this playlist and you’re good to go for a guaranteed workout. Remember, when you’re riding alone you are the sole source of motivation, there is no one there to push you just the little bit more than you’ll push yourself. Set your intention for the ride during your warm-up and use this to push you thru when the ride starts to get tough or when  you need that extra push.

spinning indoor cyclingTurn these tunes up and get ready to ride!

spinning workout

WARM-UP: Heart On My Sleeve//Avicii
Take time here to set your intention for the ride. Riding with you tension set around 5-6 and experiment with adding and taking back tension with the music.

Peacemaker//Green Day
0:00-1:15 #3 out of saddle
1:15-1:45 Sprint in the saddle, take back a little tension
1:45-2:45 #3 out of saddle
2:45-3:24 Sprint in the saddle, take back a little tension

Wake Me Up//Avicii
Here you will have 7 opportunities to reach the top of the hill. You should be breathless at the top. By the time you have 2 chances left you should be well outside your comfort zone.
0:40, 1:10, 1:25, 1:36, 2:26, 2:43, 3:14

Party Rock//LMFAO
Speed tabatas. 20 seconds intense work at top speed, 10 seconds rest. 8 rounds.

0:00-1:15 Working outside your comfort zone around a 7.5/8 and riding around 75-90RPM.
1:15-END #3 out of the saddle

Take Me Home//CashCash
30/30 Power pushes. Riding at a 7.5/8 you’ll be cruising at a good pace and then every 30 seconds push forward and pick-up the pack to YOUR top speed.

Hey Brother//Avicii
0:00-0:35 Slow & heavy
0:35-1:06 top speed
1:06-1:45 add tension and keep speed
1:45-2:20 take tension pack to 7.5 and reach top speed
2:20-2:53 #3 out of saddle
2:53-4:07 take back tension to 8 and pick up speed

Lucky Strike//Maroon 5
0:00-0:32 Easy, 5
0:32-1:00 8-9 top speed
1:00-1:27 Easy, 5
1:27-1:54 8-9 top speed
1:54-2:27 Easy, 5
2:27-3:04 8-9 top speed

The Phoenix//Fall Out Boy
Simple hill. Every 30 seconds add tension. Starting at 6 and working to 10.

0:00-1:10 Level 7.5, top speed
1:10-2:25 Seated climb
2:25-3:20 #3 out of saddle
3:20-3:37 Seated push with tension and speed

Symphony #5
Tension tabatas. Make it HEAVY. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. 8 rounds.

Bad Blood//Bastille
30 seconds @ 7.5
30 seconds @ 8
60 seconds @ 9
60 seconds @ 10

Lose Yourself
The only rule here is that you let everything out and finish with an “empty tank”. You should be breathless and wondering how you’re going to finish the entire 5 minutes. If by 2 minutes in you aren’t wondering how you’ll finish, turn the resistance up and get working.

Quick & Effective Kettlebell Workout

One of my favorite workouts is a kettlebell workout. When I was working with my trainer we used them often and I have a couple at home here as well. At the gym the only place you can use kettlebells is in a class or in the training studio. Since I’m not training any longer I haven’t had a good kettlebell workout in quite a while! Apparently another perk of working for the gym is that when the studio is quiet and no clients are using the equipment we’re allowed to sneek in a workout – BONUS! Let me tell you – this workout was short, effective and left my glutes sore for DAYS!

Kettlebell Workout

There’s nothing fancy about this kettlebell workout, simple basic movements that deliver a great workout! You’ll complete 3 rounds of each set.

SET #1
Kettlebell Swings (45lbs) 15 Reps
Alt. Reverse Lunge w. Kettlebell pas thru (30lbs) 20 Reps
Around The World (45lbs) 12 Reps/each side

SET #2
Sumo Squat w. High Pull (35lbs) 12 Reps
Bent Over Row (25lbs) 12 Rep/each side
Kettlebell Swings (45lbs) 15 Reps

The kettlebell swings really deliver a full body workout and get that heart rate pumping. Finish off this express workout with some core work and a quick cardio burst and you’re all set!

Heavy Lifting Upper Body Workout

According to my Instagram I know it looks like I spend most of my gym hours on a bike and while there is some truth to that I do fit in anywhere from 3-5 strength training sessions per week. In the past I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a trainer a few times a week but now I’m out on my own and I’m enjoying the challenge of pushing myself thru the workout – I hate counting reps and often lose count! One of my strength sessions this week focused on lifting max weight with lower reps.

Heavy Lifting Upper Body Workout

Thankfully this day was just strength only and not a lot of cardio as I forgot my elastic – yikes! I was able to use my headphone to hold my hair back but there’s no way running or cycling would have been fun with all that hair hanging around! Note to self: pack extra elastic and store them in your gym bag. Think of it as always having an extra pen at school – you’ll either save your own day or make someone’s workout!

Ugh - no elastic today! Thankfully my headphones worked as a headband!

Ugh – no elastic today! Thankfully my headphones worked as a headband!

HEAVY LIFTING UPPER BODY WORKOUT: (Max weight for 8-10 reps, 3 sets)

  • Bench Press (Hammer Strength Machine) 30lbs per side
  • Seated Row 65lbs
  • Cable Machine Tricep Dips 15-20lbs
  • Assisted Chin-Ups 100lbs or w/ band
  • Shoulder Press (Hammer Strength Machine) 55lbs
  • Seated Bicep Curl 20lb dumbells
  • Overhead Single Arm Tricep Dip 12lbs
  • Lat Pulldown 70lbs

Don’t forget to add some core work in at the end. I chose some planks and some BOSU ab work. Enjoy the workout!