WorkItOut: Outdoor Boot Camp Workout

Well clearly I’m not too awesome at sticking to a blogging schedule – gah! Anyway I’m glad you’re all still here, I’ll try and keep it semi-regular over here. If you want to following along on Instagram you’ll see what’s up. The weather is beautiful here and it’s amazing to be able to workout outside and feel the fresh air and just be able to play! Here’s a great workout you can do at the park, playground etc. Get creative and you’ll soon be able to spot an opportunity for fitness anywhere! Let me know what you come up with! This workout below takes about 45minutes to an hour depending on how quickly you move through. All sets are 5 minutes long. Alternate for 30 seconds, 12-15 reps, etc.


Warm Up 5 Min
10 Jacks / 1 Push-Up
9 Jacks / 2 Push-Up
8 Jacks….etc.

SET #1
Broad Jumps (10-12) or deep squats
KB Swings

SET #2
Fast Feet Ladder
Bicep Curl / Tricep Press

SET #3
Mountain Climbers (rocks)
Iron Cross

SET #4
Lunge with Pass Thru

SET #5
Hill Sprints
Renegade Row

Prisioners w/ OH Weights


  1. Around The World
  2. Wood Chopper
  3. Windmill
  4. Plank
  5. Side Bends
  6. Side Knee Raise

Sexy Summer Arms Workout

Working on my arms has to be one of my favorite things. Love how quickly you see changes! One thing I have learned lately is you don’t need to lift super super heavy to build and/or retain your muscle. Just remember there is always more than one way to achieve results – do what works for YOUR body!! Friday mornings are made for headphones with great tunes and lots of lifting. I got into a groove the other day and it turned out awesome! See below for what my sets looked like.


Be sure to include a dynamic workout of 5-10 minutes before you begin your lifting session. Complete this routine 2-3 times, if proper form allows, completing 12-15 reps of each exercise. If your form is beginning to suffer be sure to decrease weight or simply stop at 2 sets.

  • Regular Fly
  • Front Raise
  • Side Raise
  • Bicep Curl
  • Tricep Dips
  • Bent Over Row w/ Barbel or 2 dubmbells
  • Overhead Press
  • “The Princess Wave”: with arms in the starting position of the overhead press keep one arm bent at 90 while holding the dumbell. Slowly rotate the other arm down maintaining the bend in the elbow, slowly rotate back up to starting position.

Once I finished my sets I topped off the workout with some BOSU push-ups and some BOSU Jackknife crunches.

Yoga For Beginners: What to Expect & How to Prepare

Every few months I feel drawn to yoga. I’ve yet to be successful at practicing but perhaps like weight loss, one day it will stick! Yoga is one of those activities that I think can be intimidating to try for the first time – so many things to know! However, there are many talanted and gifted instructors out there who are more than happy to share the yoga love. As I was cleaning out my inbox I came across this guest post on yoga for beginners and I thought it was perfet to share with you!

Yoga For Beginners

If you’re considering yoga but aren’t sure where to start, try these tips for planning your first class (and saving a little money in the process).

1. Research Studios & Classes
Learn about the opportunities for yoga in your area. In addition to studios, check out gyms, wellness centers and community recreational facilities for classes. Even if your town doesn’t have a designated yoga studio, your local fitness club or rec center likely offers a class or two.

2. Get Free or Discounted Newbie Passes
Most yoga studios offer a free introductory yoga class, week of classes or deeply-discounted rates so you can test their facility and instructors. Take advantage of this by visiting as many studios in your area as possible for free or cheap. It’s a great way to learn about the different styles and teachers without busting your budget!

3. Read Up on the Styles
People do yoga for a variety of reasons, so determine your goals and find a style that helps you achieve them. If you sit behind a desk for a living and want to sweat, consider a Power or Vinyasa class. Gentle or Yin yoga classes are great if your day job leaves you stressed and out of breath. For more information on yoga styles, check out this article from Gaiam.

4. Talk to Instructors
Let teachers know you’re a newbie and ask if they offer variations for beginners. Most do, but some classes are targeted specifically at intermediate or advanced practitioners, and instructors can point you to a more appropriate class or style of yoga for your needs. Know that teachers are the key to a yoga class — once you find one you like, you’ll feel more motivated to practice consistently.

5. Try At-Home Practices
I got my start with yoga using a “Yoga for Dummies” DVD. It may sound silly but I found it hugely helpful when I stepped onto my mat for the first time in a studio setting. The instructor calls out postures like “Mountain Pose,” “Warrior Two,” “Downward-Facing Dog” and the like, and knowing what these look like ahead of time made me feel better prepared.

6. Go Basic for Gear
As a frugal shopper, I use the Coupon Sherpa coupon app to save on yoga gear from Sports Authority, or hit up TJMaxx and Marshall’s for discounts on brands like Nike, Under Armour and New Balance.

7. Accessorize for Comfort
Most studios have props for student use, including blocks, straps and blankets. Take advantage of these items to help strengthen your practice or make challenging postures easier. For example, using a block during Half-Moon pose can help you balance better and focus on extending your lifted leg. Similarly, a strap can help you deepen the stretch in a Seated Forward Bend when you wrap it around your feet.

8. Don’t Skip the Variation
Teachers speak often about listening to your body and leaving the ego off the mat. This can be tough for competitive types, but beginners should definitely heed this advice. Variations are instrumental in creating a strong foundation for your practice, so drop that knee or use your strap as needed. Achieving the peak posture will feel all the sweeter and far more stable if you’re confident in the foundational steps.

A big thanks to Kendal Perez for sharing these yoga for beginners tips!

Finding Fitness Outside

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym, but sometimes life has different plans for our days that don’t include a trip to the gym. So how do we fit in a workout at home or while traveling? For my workouts I have a few things I like to keep at home or pack while traveling. Some tension bands, a couple kettlebells (medium & heavy weight), a skipping rope and good suspension trainer like the TRX are some of my favorite items for a great non-gym workout!

busy mom workout

So the kids want to go to the park? Perfect. GO WITH THEM. Let them ride their bikes and jog along side them (your warm-up), once you get to the park scout a location like some monkey bars or a soccer goal post to hang that TRX. Kids playgrounds offer all kinds of great opportunities for fitness! Instead of sitting on the benches use them for box jumps, Bulgarian split squats, step-ups, mountain climbers, or push-ups. Need a little cardio? How about a game of tag on the playground? It keeps you in the moment and enjoying time with the kids all while running, ducking, and climbing across the playground. There’s a reason kids pass out when they get home from the park – playing is hard work!

Here’s an idea of what your workout could look like WITHOUT Equipment…

  1. Warm-up: Walking or biking to the park or up and down the block while the kids ride their bikes
  2. Body Weight Strength: Find a bench and do 3 sets of 15 (1. Step-ups/box jumps 2. Push-ups 3. Bulgarian split squats (L&R))
  3. Cardio: Go play tag for 5-10 minutes
  4. Body Weight Strength: 3 sets of 15 (1. Squats 2. Plank 3. Static Lunges (L&R))
  5. Cardio: Head back to the playground, play something like red rover or some kind of racing game. Bonus points if there is a hill involved.
  6. Body Weight Strength: Back to the bench and do 3 sets of 15 (1. Tricep Dips 2. Mountain Climbers 3. Side Lunges (L&R))
  7. Cardio: Kids choice, play tag, work on the monkey bars etc.
  8. Cool-Down: walk or jog home. Be sure to stretch when you’re done.

Here’s an idea of what your workout could look like WITH Equipment…

  1. Warm-up: Walking or biking to the park or up and down the block while the kids ride their bikes. Toss your TRX
    in a backpack.
  2. Find a secure place to mount the TRX like a soccer post or monkey bars
  3. TRX: 3 sets of 12-15 (1. Push-ups 2. Tricep Dips 3. Chest Fly)
  4. Cardio: Go play tag for 5-10 minutes
  5. TRX: 3 sets of 12-15 (1. Squats 2. Sprinter Starts 3. Full Body Extensions)
  6. Cardio: Head back to the playground, play something like red rover or some kind of racing game. Bonus points if there is a hill involved.
  7. TRX: 3 Sets of 12-15 (1. Plank Rollouts 2. Lunges (L&R) 3. Hamstring Curls
  8. Cardio: Kids choice, play tag, work on the monkey bars etc.
  9. Cool-Down: walk or jog home. Be sure to stretch when you’re done.

Squats, Lunge, Repeat. A Killer Body Weight Leg Day Workout.

Friday marked my one week “anniversary” of being cleared to workout again. My plan was to ease back into my routine so I didn’t injure myself or cause any damage, thus causing another setback. I planned for 4 workouts last week, 3 cycling classes and 1 Leg Day, and I tacked a light upper body workout on to one of my cycle days.


After 7 weeks off from any leg work, it’s safe to say my legs are feeling it. The toilet is soooo far down and the large flight of stairs I have to climb to get there has me crawling up it and struggling to get back down. During my workout I was VERY careful of my abs and paid careful attention to my core and tuned into any pain/strains that may happen. Thankfully I made it thru my workout without issue. I could tell as soon as I finished that my legs were toast – I considered taking the elevator back down to the sauna!

Pre-op I could bust out body weight squats and lunges without even feeling it, now not so much. It’s humbling to have to start all over, and I’m looking at it as an opportunity to remember how it feels for someone who’s just starting out. I think it will be valuable for me to have this fresh in my mind when teaching boot camps and such this summer. I need to remember that not everyone needs to add huge weights to squats to “feel the burn”, consider me officially reminded!

Complete each round 3 times before moving on to the next.

Body Weight Squats x 15
Static Lunge x 15 / each side

Sumo Squats x 15 (add 5lb dumbells in each hand)
Side lunge x 15 / each side

ROUND 3:Squat w/ side leg lift x 16
Bulgarian split squat x 15 / each side

Shamrock Shake Playlist & Indoor Cycling Profile

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I thought we’d celebrate with a fun Irish themed class so I created a special playlist where every song has something to do with Ireland! Can you guess all the connections? Download the playlist and get ready to sweat. This ride has got lots of speed work and of course my favorite thing – hill climbs!

Indoor Cycling St. Patrick's Day Playlist and Ride

TV – Warm-UP

What You Know – SPEED
30/30 Speed Pushes.
Holding a 7.5 / 90 & 105

The Dirty Glass – COMBO
0:00-0:30 Slow/Recover
0:30-END 10/10 #3/Sit

The Cave – SPEED
0:00-1:03 90-95
1:03-1:15 105-110
1:15-2:05 90-95
2:05-2:35 Slow & Tension
2:35-2:45 90-95
2:45-3:28 105-110

The Emperor’s New Clothes
Slow Hill, working from 7-10, adding tension and fighting to keep RPM’s as high as you can.

#3 Out of Saddle

Vertigo – SPEED
0:00-1:00 95 @ 7.5/8
1:00-1:25 Slow
1:25-2:08 95 @ 7.5/8
2:08-2:20 Slow
2:20-3:04 95 @ 7.5/8

Drunken Sailor – SPRINTS
60sec sprint
30sec break
60sec sprint

#3, sitting on chorus
1:35-2:15 | 3:07-4:00

Hopeless Wanderer – COMBO
0:00-1:35 EASY
1:35-2:04 105 w/ Tension
2:04-3:10 Tension @ 90
3:10-3:35 #3
3:35-4:55 105 w/ Tension

Mandinka – HILL
Another smaller hill to tackle here.
Medium tension, out of the saddle.

Irish Celebration – EXT CLIMB
Starting at a 7, every 60 seconds add tension working to your maximum, 10.

Swagger – COMBO
60 @ #3 Quick
60 @ Sit Sprint

I’m Shipping Up To Boston – INTV
Recover to 0:30 then do sprint intervals:
15 seconds on/15 seconds off.
You’ll have time for four of them.

Amazing Grace
Empty The Tank. What ever you have left, you’ve got under 3 minutes to let it all go! Leave no doubt that you have given yourself all you have to give.
Cool Down
With Or Without You