The Universe Knows Best

Last week I was lucky to score an audition for a cycling instructor position at my first choice of gym – you see the fall schedule starts on Monday so I was cutting it close! I have been practicing and going over my notes since my certification however I had yet to actually ride thru it with my notes. My audition was scheduled for last Thursday morning – I called the daycare on Wednesday to make a reservation only to find out they we’re full so I went on the waitlist, 20 minutes later I got called that we now had a daycare place – I thought, phew the universe is allowing everything to line-up, things are going to be good. A few hours later I get an email that the fitness manager is sick and needs to reschedule. Okay – so I take that as an opportunity to practice and really go over my routine.


The audition was rescheduled (late Monday night) for Tuesday at noon! I almost prefer short notice – it leaves no time for excess nerves. The kids stayed with my mom so I didn’t need to worry about running out of daycare time (thanks mom!), and I headed out to my personal training session and then right after had my audition. The plan was I was to teach the first 20 minutes – so of course I had notes & cues all prepared and ready to go. The first 20 minutes went OK, I was comfortable, but not totally natural while I was getting the hang of riding on the stage. Thanks to traffic the fitness manager missed my first 20 minutes and when he arrived asked if I could jump back up for the last 10 minutes of class – I had no notes, cues or practice but I picked my songs and just went with it – those were the best 10 minutes of my audition! It was sink or swim and I think I swam! A few ladies in the class were nice enough to come tell me my first 20min were good but my last 10 were so much better and more natural – phew – thank you universe for sending a traffic jam!

After my ride we had a great chat and I was offered a teaching position – yay! 2 Years ago I would have never imagined this would be my life and I’m so grateful for everything that has come my way. The universe has a plan – I’m learning to roll with it. Hopefully I can remember this when I’m up on that stage and something goes wrong! So when something seems to go wrong – just wait a bit and you’ll see why – it’s usually meant to be!

The Body & Mind Connection

A little inspiration for your Friday. Many people use September as a fresh start. The kids are back in school, vacations are over and life resumes to “normal”. It’s like January 1st for some people. I encourage you NOT to wait until the 1st to begin your goals, start NOW, with the next thing you do or eat, make it the best choice in that moment.

The Body Achieves what the mind believes.

When you’re having trouble making it through those first few workouts, remember, The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes. I’ve learned weight loss is more of a mental workout than a physical one, push past those mental blocks and success is on the other side.

Trying New Things

It’s one thing to “cycle” every day and coach others doing the same – it’s quite another to actually get on a bike that actually goes somewhere. Last week I promised Alan from @Sweating_It_Off that I’d get on my bike and give it a try after over 15 years of not riding a bike – with time running out on my week I finally got on the bike for a few spins up and down the street.

I think I'm going to like this!

I think I’m going to like this!

Once I get the hang of shifting and being able to stop without putting my foot down I think I’m going to love outdoor cycling. I can see how people can get lost in the rythym of the ride and go for hours. The kids are stoked that mommy can join them on bike rides now and as they get older we’ll be able to go farther. Before I ride again I need to stop at Royal Distributing and grab a helmet and such. I think country roads are going to be my thing – too much traffic in the city for me so maybe my rides will be a combo drive & ride to start out.

Marin BikeI’d like to aim for 1 ride a week on the open road and 4-5 in the gym + a 5k or two for some cross training. I’ll be wearing my SKORA’s when I ride on the road as I love the feel of them on the pedals, that way it’s also easy to transition to walking or running. I love Instagram incase you didn’t already figure that out – and last week I found this quote that was perfect for my new adventures as an indoor cycling instructor/coach…


Tie A Knot!

It’s been a while since I posted an inspiration for you. While browsing my Instagram the other day I cam across a quote from Sweating It Off and it really hit home. You can apply this quote to many aspects of daily life from parenting to weight loss! If you love it, add it to Pinterest or share this post! I made this to post on my fridge and in my office. Feel free to do the same.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Quote

Our First Day Of Summer!

When the kids started school last fall I used to call the days that they had off “nothing days”, meaning we didn’t have anything time pressing on those days and would sleep in, get dressed late and just hang out doing whatever they wanted. As the year went on my training schedule changed and my sessions were in the middle of “nothing day” and the kids didn’t like that so much – I can’t blame them on that one! Now that summer has arrived we’re back to having a couple “nothing days” a week and my training has switched back to the evening when the hubs is home = happy kiddos!

Biking & Trains

Biking & Trains

We had a busy morning doing all the things they wanted to do; swings, trampoline, biking to the park and playing with their friends from the street. I had Sully’s train table put away in the basement and he asked to play with it so I lugged it back upstairs – it’s good to be a strong Momma – I didn’t need to ask for help to carry this up 1.5 flight of stairs – and I got a little cardio boost mid-day!

Top: Kohls, Bottoms: Reebok Compression Shoes: SKORA

Top: Fila at Kohls, Bottoms: Reebok Women’s Shapewear Lux Capri
Shoes: SKORA Core

I want to fit in 1/2 a kickboxing class before my ZenCycle class but traffic was insanity and I only made it to 20min of boxing – which was still good for a 240calorie burn so that’s a success!

It was great to be back to my happy place!

It was great to be back to my happy place! Shoe: SKORA FORM | First 240cal from Boxing, Rest from Spinning.

I had a few days away from the bike as we were at the cottage last weekend and I missed my classes. It was a great ride and I took my trainer’s “leave no doubt” advice to heart. If you’re wondering if you’re working hard enough – chances are you’re NOT, push harder. I found myself wondering that a few times so I reached down and turned that dial until I had no doubt that I was giving 100% of what I had! Normally I’m at class a 15min early so I start riding and racking up miles – today I was there about 2 minutes early and my miles were higher at the end of the ride – I rode further & faster = success!

Working Hard? Push Harder.

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Quote: It has to be hard so you’ll NEVER ever FORGET.

I was watching Dr. Oz this week and they asked Bob, Jillian, and Dolvett what their best advice was. I loved what Bob had to say (of course). Feel free to print it and post somewhere where you’ll be motivated! Enjoy!

It has to be hard so you'll never ever forget. -Bob Harper