New York, New York!

Yesterday I got the email that I’ve been waiting for…an invite to the Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet. Last year I was luck to score an invite when this blog was just under 6 months old and it was AMAZING! The Oakley shades you so often see me wearing – that’s where they came from! Just like the gym bag I use everday! I’m so excited to spend a few days in the city and can’t wait to visit my favorite places. NYC truly has a piece of my heart {not to mention my bank account}. This year I’m returning 40+lbs lighter and a whole lot more fit! I’m planning on soaking in all the fitness NYC has to offer in the 3 days I’m there – I’m going back to Physique57, I’d love to check out Olivia at Soul Cycle and I’m sure there’s something else I will find!

FitBlogNYC Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet

Snooki, A Mug & 5K

How’s that for a random blog title? I’m sure you can guess things have been BUSY around here. The kiddos have been home more than normal and my workout schedule has also increased as we’re in the home stretch on the competition which leaves me little time for blogging when I get all the other duties done in my day! So if you need your daily inspirations you should check out my Instagram as I rock that all day long….it’s like a micro blog!

Yesterday was made all kinds of awesome when the postman brought me this….

The brain child of Mrs @katbohannon and I.

The brain child of Mrs @katbohannon and I. Genuis right?

So Kathryn and I “met” a while back through her hubby Zach and we’ve become awesome friends over FaceTime and Kik – people find relationships online so I think it’s totally normal to find awesome friends this way. Anyway – one day while talking about a weight loss plateau Kathryn gave me some an awesome tip – she said/texted “Just eat the S#!t out of some veggies” and you should drop that weight! So that’s become our little thing and pretty much the answer to any of our problems! I designed the graphic one day while working and then ordered these online. It’s perfect as we both love tea and veggies <3! We’re planning on selling them so if you’d like one leave a comment here and I’ll let you know when and how to get your hands on one!

Last week I signed up for my very first 5k race – like ever – it’s called The Happy 5K, the best part is I could run it indoors and on my treadmill = Winning! I’m not an outside runner so this was perfect for me! If you’d like to join you can still sign up, it’s only $20 and you even get a medal and a chance at some sweet prizes!

happy5kHAPPY 5K Virtual Race
To Benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

If you’re happy and you know it… move your feet!
Bring fun to your run and do some good for the world while you’re at it!

The Rules: Run, walk, skip or crawl for 3.1 miles (that’s a 5K!) anytime between now and April 12 in any place you want (including the treadmill, for those of you in frosty climates)! Oh! And get your friends and family to do it with you!


The best part is I got to watch some TV while I ran…it just so happened that Dr.Oz was starting and he had Snooki as his guest talking about her weight loss after pregnancy. Normaly I dismiss anything she has to say, however, this time she had some valid points and she lost her weight what I feel is the right way – by busting her butt and eating clean. She also said “I don’t want to be skinny – I want to be strong.” I really never thought I’d agree with her on anything but this is so true. It was refreshing to see a celebrity talk about weight loss without having a product or company as their “magic pill” – she’s working just as hard as you and I – that’s awesome!

Snooki on Dr. Oz

Snooki on Dr. Oz


I feel like I’m falling behind. Behind in life, fitness, work, grocery shopping and just about every other aspect of life. When my routine is altered in any way – even the smallest it typically throws me for a loop and takes me a while to re-adjust. In the last week and a half we’ve been faced with unexpected car shopping and house shopping! We were driving around last weekend and found an open house – we fell in love and now we’re waiting on offers to be signed….oh and the HUGE task of selling our current house first!

Saturday Morning Training

Saturday Morning Training

Thank goodness personal training sessions are expensive to cancel – it keeps me at the gym a minimum of 3 days a week right now. I’m working on a new program and it’s full of kettlebell goodness. If my knee wasn’t so sore right now I’d run down and grab my log to type it out for you!

I was on a 6 day schedule but with all the things happening around here it’s too much to carve out 2-4 hours a day to hike it to the gym. This is where my new favorite thing called FitnessGlo comes in. Seriously awesome timing for testing this site out for you guys! It’s great because I can set it up on the laptop and watch TV at the same time. It’s a Win-Win!

FitnessGlo for days I can't make it to the gym!

FitnessGlo for days I can’t make it to the gym!

We also fit in car shopping on Saturday and we finally settled on what we’re getting. Sawyer also picked out a car she wants when she’s 16…I might just be able to afford that very car in 16 years – I should have gotten video proof that she said she wanted it ;)

Car Shopping!

Car Shopping!

My weekend was topped of with the delivery of some fancy new Skora shoes. LOVE this brand so so much – the fit is top notch! I can’t wait to rock it out in these new shoes. These are called the BASE – check them out on Instagram… @skorarunning

My new Skora Base shoes

My new Skora Base shoes <3

Top add another thing to my already crazy list of to-do’s I now need to fit in physio as my knee seems to have popped out again. My trainer put me on rest for the next few days – we shall see how that goes! Wish me luck!


Finish Strong!

Wow – only 15 days left in 2012! I’ve got big plans for those 15 days and I’ve set a big goal ro reach by the 31st. Do yourself a favor and skip the “I’ll start January 1st” excuse and start making healthier choices today. This way you’ll feel more in charge and it’s less likely to fall into the traditional “resolution” trap. Last year around this time I was still hovering over 270lbs…as of this morning I hit 210.2lbs – I started this Journey on December 28, 2011 and chose not to wait until the “New Year” to make big changes. I joined Weight Watchers that day and haven’t looked back. Yes there have been bumps and stalls along the way but I’ve kept a forward moving attitude and slow and steady I will win this race.

So TODAY I encourage you to print off this goal sheet and set a goal – any goal and write down in the box what you did to make that goal happen each day. Trust me – it works! I made one of these for my challenge and I kept it with me everyday and I still have it in my office as a reminder that I can do things I set my mind to! Here’s a look at what my sheet looks like today…

  • I will run _____ miles.
  • I will set a new PR in _____________.
  • I will track all my food HONESTLY everyday.
  • I will exercise _____ x per week.

Here’s a blank one for you to DOWNLOAD.

Want to do this together? Snap a photo and upload to Instagram daily using #BTCGoals12 and we’ll encourage each other!

Holiday Gift Guide: More Awesome Clothes!

For the last several weeks I’ve been eyeing this awesome outfit on I’m making my want official and placing it on my wish list! I think I’m developing a love for loud leggings!

Sweaty Betty Clothing

Day 22 & 23: A Photo Recap!

Day 22. Frankly it late. I’m tired. This blog will mainly be a photo recap. Yesterday I took advantage of a free training session that my new gym offers. I’m feeling it today. It’s been weeks since I’ve felt the day-after burn – it feels awesome and sore all at the same time! I also burned over 650 calories in under an hour. This gym uses round kettlebells – I’m used to the flat sided kind and I was bruising my arms with the round. I had the trainer go over the proper technique with the round and within a few minutes I had it and it was much better!

Yesterday was also the 3rd weigh-in for the challenge. I lost 0.5lbs last week. I was happy with that considering I knew I was not keeping up with my water intake and I hadn’t been eating as clean as I should for a few days before I hopped on the scale. Now on to week 4 – I’m aiming for 2lbs this week!

Day 23. Here comes the photos!

So cozy! Didn’t want to wake up! Glad I woke up – I had my Stella & Dot goodies delivered!

My friend Trina picked this up for me at a fundraiser! Signed by Tosca herself!

Trina writes an amazing blog where she covers clean eating and some great workout! Today she posted an amazing brownie recipe. Can’t wait to give it a go!!

After lunch I got to unpacking my S&D goodies and I’m so excited to wear them all! I’m having fun coming up with ways to incorporate them into the fitness wardrobe!

My pretty new accessories from Stella & Dot

I did a slow walk on the treadmill while watching Ellen this morning while Sawyer’s played in the daycare. I was tempted to do Physique today but with boot camp tonight I didn’t think it was a good idea.

Treadmill Walking | Boot Camp

Good night my friends. Until tomorrow.