Bob Harper Quotes

About 5 minutes ago my friend tagged me on Instagram – what I would log in to see literally MADE MY DAY! If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know this blog was inspired by Bob Harper and I’m a big fan.

Bob Harper Quotes

To see this in my Instagram feed has made me over the moon happy and I’m super energized and ready to teach a rockin’ boot camp this evening. You can bet I’ll be sharing this quote with my students as the swing kettlebells and sprint up hills!

It has to be hard so you'll never ever forget. -Bob Harper

p.s. Did you notice I changed my instagram and twitter from @TreadmillRunway to @CourtFitPro (Twitter)

Gah! Still Stuck!

I had a totally different post planned for today but this one has been burning to be written for a few days!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about breaking up with my scale and being free – it’s been amazing thus far. From what I can tell I’m the same size or slightly smaller. When I was at an appointment a couple weeks ago they made me get on the scale – I was not mentally prepared for this and it shattered my confidence – it showed me that despite all my hard work I haven’t lost any weight, yet I’m like I said, the same size or smaller. I’m still feeling stuck – I haven’t lost motivation because I’m still hitting the gym and eating well, however I’m wondering if I need to – GASP….sign-up for a few DietBets to kick my buns into high gear. When I talked about my scale break-up I wondered if these were part of the problem – now that I’ve taken a break I can see that those weren’t the problem, it was my constant weighing myself that was the issue.

October marks my 30th birthday and I want to be finished with the weight loss portion of my journey by then. I’ve realized I need some help in the meal planning department and so I’ve started working with a Health Coach. We have a skype session every other week and go over my goals, motivations, she asks questions that get me thinking and she also has prepped a meal plan and workout plan for me! She’s helping work through the mental side of weight loss as well – which is uber important and I think part of the reason I’ve been stuck – I don’t know how to be a “skinny” version of myself and I’m working on that! Since I need to weigh myself for this I’m thinking of only weighing myself the mornings of our calls so I can report progess. I felt I was important to share this with y’all so you can see that we all get stuck and it’s up to us to MAKE THE CHANGE and keep going forward. Like I said, I still have my “why” and my motivation, but I’m a competitive person and I think I miss the big prize at the end!

I will be sharing my weigh-ins here on the weeks I have calls with Amber to keep me working hard and accountable. I can post all the selfies I want as “proof” but I really need to shed these last 40lbs. Yes I have muscles, yes they make me heavier, but I do still have fat that needs to go. Thankfully this road trip were taking is to visit to of my best fitness friends and our plans include finally being able to workout together and enjoy some amazing local farm-to-table type food.

believe. trust. change.I think one day I will tattoo these words on my wrist as I feel the are true for just about any situation. As y’all know (or might not) this blog used to be called Believe. Trust. Change., after a quote by my inspration Bob Harper: “Believe in yourself. Trust the process. Change forever.”. Simple and beautiful.

Watch N’ Workout: Biggest Loser #2

I’m going to be posting a fresh workout for you every Friday in order to prepare for Monday episode. That will give you time to print off the workout and look over any of the moves. This week I’ve got a video for you to show you what some of the moves look like.

Biggest Loser Workout 2

During the show do one of the following exercises:

  • Walk on the spot
  • Skip on the spot (think shadow boxing)
  • Sit down on the couch and then stand back up

On the commercial breaks work your way through this list:

  • Lunge with Upper Body Twist (twist towards forward leg)
  • Superman and roll into Boat
  • Burpees
  • Sumo Squats
  • Push-Ups
  • Wall Sit

Leave a comment if you joined in and did the workout. A great way to stay active while enjoying your my favourite show!



Quote: It has to be hard so you’ll NEVER ever FORGET.

I was watching Dr. Oz this week and they asked Bob, Jillian, and Dolvett what their best advice was. I loved what Bob had to say (of course). Feel free to print it and post somewhere where you’ll be motivated! Enjoy!

It has to be hard so you'll never ever forget. -Bob Harper

Bob Harper’s New Workout Playlist!

Ok – I’m struggling with where to start this post as my brain is in a million different directions with excitement. After the gym today I checked my email and noticed one with “Bob Harper…” in the subject – naturally I opened it and read it on the spot. As many of your know by now I’m a big Bob Harper fan and his quote “Believe. Trust. Change.” inspires me daily and was also the inspiration behind starting my fitness journey and this blog. I’ve been a member of his online workout club since it launched and still use it a few times a week for some great workout…you should totally go check it out!

So it turns out this email was telling me about a new online streaming music app called Rdio – and Bob has created an awesome playlist to freshen up your workouts this month. You can find the complete playlist on Bob’s website,, or at Rdio.  All new users can sign up for a free 7-day trial of Rdio – it’s reinventing the way people discover, listen to, and share music.  Don’t forget to tune-in to the must-see, two-night premiere of “The Biggest Loser” on Sunday January 6 (9-11 P.M. ET) and Monday January 7 (8-10 P.M. ET).

Bob Harper's Rdio Playlist

Bob Harper’s Rdio Playlist

As soon as I got home from the gym I hopped on the computer to check out what Rdio is all about and it looks pretty cool. You pay a monthly fee and from what I can tell you have access to pretty much any music you’d want! You can even sync it to your phone so you’re not sucking up data use on your phone when you go for a run or head to the gym – pretty cool right? I’m currently downloading the desktop app and the iPhone app. I can’t wait to rock out to this playlist tomorrow during my workout!

Here’s what their website had to say about Rdio…

Rdio is the groundbreaking digital music service that is reinventing the way people discover, listen to, and share music. With on-demand access to over 18 million songs, Rdio connects people with music and makes it easy to search for and instantly play any song, album, artist or playlist without ever hearing a single ad. Discover what friends, people with similar tastes, recording artists and more are listening to in real-time and share across Twitter and Facebook. Build a digital music collection that’s available everywhere – on the web, in-home or in-car, on tablets or mobile phones, and even offline.  Launched in August 2010, Rdio is headquartered in San Francisco and was founded by Janus Friis, one of the creators of Skype. Currently available in 17 countries, Rdio is funded by Janus Friis through his investment entities, Atomico and Skype.

Looks cool right?

Looks cool right?

I’ll do an update of what I think after I give this a try for a few days but I wanted to let y’all know about this cool app and of course Bob Harper’s new playlist! Let me know what you think of it if you try it!

*I was NOT compensated in any way to write this post*

On The Eve of New Year’s Eve

A couple weeks back I set a lofty goal to enter “Onederland” and/or fit into my wedding dress by New Year’s Eve – which happens to be our wedding anniversary. That goal was set on December 17th and I weighed in at 210.2lbs.. I have my weigh in tomorrow morning and from my last trip to the scale I was sitting right at 208lbs. I know that’s pretty far from the 199 I wanted but I did manage to lose weigh over Christmas and that’s a great victory for me. I have a habit of setting huge goals and I knew this one was going to be a massive stretch and I didn’t plan of doing crazy things to make it happen. I’m hoping to hit 206lbs tomorrow morning – so that would make it about 4lbs in 15 days. Not to bad considering we have 2 Christmas dinner, 1 Lunch, 2 Birthdays and our anniversary all from the 24-31 of the month! I tried on the wedding dress today and I was surprised how easily it slid over my hips! It’s hard to zip a wedding dress on your own so I’m not sure if it could have been force zipped or not. I could feel that it was close though!

6 years later it almost fits! The wedding day was the last day it ever fit!

6 years later it almost fits! The wedding day was the last day it ever fit!

I honestly think I look better today than I did 6 years ago. I look stronger and my arms are much thinner than they were on my wedding day. What do you think?


What do you think? I think I look better today!

What do you think? I think I look better today!

I was also so addicted to Diet Coke that I brought an entire case just for me to the reception hall…they served Pepsi. I had them put it in the bar fridge and all – that was pretty much my only bridezilla move…that and insisting all the tables be reset with white dishes instead of the beige ones!

I think all I ate that night was a few cans of Diet Coke and maybe that roll. My dress was SO tight!!

I think all I ate that night was a few cans of Diet Coke and maybe that roll. My dress was SO tight!!

Today was also pantry clean out day. We are lucky and have 4 floor to ceiling pantries. They all got purged today. I now have 2.5 empty ones. Luckily I was able to return about $60 worth of stuff to Walmart and exchange it for real non-processed foods – YAY!

Good bye old friend!

Good bye old friend!

Today I officially broke-up with Soy Sauce. I haven’t had it in months and after watching “Hungry for a Change” last night I went into my pantry and anything with crazy ingredients on the label got tossed. Unfortunately this was one of them – I have NO idea why I had never looked before. READ YOUR LABELS people!!!

Another staple that got returned. My beloved Salsa.

Another staple that got returned. My beloved Salsa.

I have been putting this on everything. EVERYTHING. Again, I had never read the label. For the most part this salsa is pretty good and made of real food. I just don’t understand why we need to add SUGAR to salsa! Also anything with the name “CHLORIDE” I’m not sure I want to eat. Since I really enjoy a nice Pico De Gallo I think I’ll stick with making my own from now on.

I’m not saying I’ll never eat anything from a package again – let’s be real here! I just want to be more careful on a daily basis of the things I eat. I will always allow myself a treat here and there – and I will enjoy it. I will continue to eat pretzels (gluten free) from Snyder’s of Hanover, and other gluten free treats. I am working on avoiding soy until I do more of my own research on it.

My goal going forward is to focus more on the quality of my food and eating real foods made by me in my kitchen.

What are your latest goals?

p.s. I’m not a fan of resolutions. In my head they equate with expected failure. To often you hear of people making a resolution to change on January 1st, and then come March that “resolution” has long fallen by the wayside. I’m about making small changes that last forever and you’re more likely to succeed if you don’t have a “this is a diet” mindset. You need to focus on “changing forever”. Healthy is a lifestyle…please remember this! Make a decision to change and do not look back. Remember: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. TRUST THE PROCESS. CHANGE FOREVER. -BOB HARPER.