Garden Of Life Organic Plant Protein Review

It’s no surprise that I’ve been a long time fan of Garden of Life products and I’ve been sharing them with you all for a while now. Recently they launched a few new items that I’m excited to share with you – Organic Plan Protein (Grain Free) and the RawFit in new flavours, Smooth Chocolate and Real Vanilla.

Garden Of Life Organic Plant Protein


The thing I enjoyed most was that it mixed well with just water – I don’t like to bulk up my shakes with any kind of hemp or almond milk. Naturally, I prefer the vanilla and it was delish. Several of my co-workers live on coffee so I brought them some samples of the coffee flavor to try and the LOVED IT!

My diet often includes lots of protein bars and shakes as I’m usually coming from or going to the gym. While those shakes are tasty and convenient they can often includes lots of extras like sodium and fillers – these Garden of Life proteins are simple, basic, and pure, and most importantly they taste great!

When I’m looking for more of a meal replacement shake that’s when I use the RawFit. I have been using the RawFit for quite sometime and had only tried the original – the Vanilla is AMAZING! If you’re looking for a weight loss jump start, they actually have a program called just that and it works along side the RawFit to help you get started on your weight loss path – it’s great even if you just need a little re-boot as well!

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Day One.

Is there anyone out there still?

As I type the sun has set on the first day of 2015. Many of you may have resolved to live a healthier/fitter life, starting January 1st. This morning you woke up feeling determined to succeed and with that determination you had a stellar first day of 2015. As the day draws to a close, you’re feeling good about yourself and ready to do it all again tomorrow. When tomorrow arrives, remember this, each day we need to renew our commitment to ourself to make the best choices presented to us in that moment. Wake up January 2nd, with the same determination you had when you awoke this morning. Repeat this 363 more times. Overwhelming? Likely. Can it be done? Absolutely. Will you stumble? YES.

When we start off down the path to improving our health & fitness we often have a strong start and then we lose steam along the way. People often ask me how I stay motivated after so many years, I don’t really know to be honest, but what I do know is that we must simply take this journey one day at a time and slowly those days start to stack up, building a strong foundation as we progress. Will the foundation have a few cracks, sure, but it will not tumble the entire structure. These first few days of the new year you’ll lay some solid “bricks” to your foundation, as the weeks pass, some of the “bricks” might be a little crooked but they are still there, helping you build your ultimate dream house. Don’t let one crooked brick crack your foundation. Every day is a fresh page, a new layer in your dream house. Write your story, create your dream house.


Stay with me over the next year as we explore all things health, fitness, wellness, food and more. Slowly things will shift over to the new domain but the archives will always be here. I’ll be documenting my progress over the next 365 days as well as I build my “dream house”. Join me?


Instagram Ate My Blog

Yikes – time sure does fly. I’ve been busy these last few months living my dream of teaching fitness full-time and working on some fitness related social media accounts. I’ve started to re-work how my time is spent and given the physical nature of my job I’m taking lots of time for self-care and family. There’s over 2 years of content for you to read thru here about my 150lb weight loss journey. I’d love for you to keep up with me via Instagram, which is where I’ve chosen to focus my quick moments of time for now. It’s become a micro version of my blog! Come play!


ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower

I got to test out the Essio Shower Essential Oil Infuser last week and it was a great way to start & end the day! Plus the bathroom smelled amazing!

ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit

ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit

This kit included 3 scents – all of which smelled amazing. The shower arm was super easy to install and difused a nice amount of scent into the room. I showered with my contact lenses in and I was worried it may be an issue with the oil coming into the water but all was well. It was such a nice was to end a long day at the gym! ESSIO is hosting a giveaway and you can win your very own by check out ! Good LUCK!

A New York State Of Mind

New York City for vacation? Yup, that’s my favorite thing to do! We jam packed so much into the 5 days we were there, just like the city, we were going all the time. The trip was planned around BloggerBash (more on that later), and then we tacked on a few days on either side to explore the city and so I could check out some of the boutique fitness classes, Barry’s BootCamp and SoulCycle were on my list.

Boat Rentals in Central Park are only $15/hr

Boat Rentals in Central Park are only $15/hr

Surprisingly New York City was fairly inexpensive city when it came to finding fun active things to do! Did you know that you can rent a boat – just like in the movies – in Central Park for only $15/hr? That’s cheaper than any boutique fitness class around – plus you get a real rowing workout, soak up some sunshine and get to tour the park lake. We also found a bike rental place that had $15.99/bike for around 8 hours. Not to mention, the must-do walk/run/hike around Central Park. We relied on the subway and walking to get us everywhere we needed to go which saved us tons of money – we paid $30 for a 7 day unlimited Metro card and it was well worth it.

Bike rentals were $15.99/day per bike

Bike rentals were $15.99/day per bike

The most expensive thing we did was eat. The restaurant prices weren’t any more expensive than at home however, we’re just not used to dining out. I did pack a large stash of protein bars and my BCAA’s so I mostly had that for breakfast and would add some fresh fruit from one of the fruit stands on the sidewalk. If your hotel has a fridge you could easily stop at Whole Foods or TraderJoe’s and stock up your mini fridge to save a little money.

I’ve made it a goal to try and walk or ride my bike more around our neighbourhood at home for things like a trip to the grocery store or the bank. It is often just as quick and you get a little sunshine – before we know it the snow will return.

I’ll update on Barry’s Boot Camp and SoulCycle later – right now I’ve got a workout to get to!

Living & Loving Life

Well hello my friends! It’s been quite some time since I visited my little corner of the internets. I’ve added another job to my schedule and well, it’s taking up all the time I used to spend over here! It’s also summer break for the kiddies and I’m really making an effort to spend less time behind the screen and more time having sun and creating memories!

There is plenty of good reads and info to check out in the archives of this blog so please, go have a read! Instagram has become my new favorite spot and you can follow along with food, workouts, and life over there – come say hello! This isn’t goodbye, but I need to take a break, it’s been over 2.5 years of blogging all the things. You can also find me via Facebook at my professional page: COURT Fit Pro or the blog page: TreadmillRunway.

Remember there are also lots of great recipes and workouts to be found as well! I’ll try and stop by weekly and update on life and happenings :)