Garden Of Life Organic Plant Protein Review

It’s no surprise that I’ve been a long time fan of Garden of Life products and I’ve been sharing them with you all for a while now. Recently they launched a few new items that I’m excited to share with you – Organic Plan Protein (Grain Free) and the RawFit in new flavours, Smooth Chocolate and Real Vanilla.

Garden Of Life Organic Plant Protein


The thing I enjoyed most was that it mixed well with just water – I don’t like to bulk up my shakes with any kind of hemp or almond milk. Naturally, I prefer the vanilla and it was delish. Several of my co-workers live on coffee so I brought them some samples of the coffee flavor to try and the LOVED IT!

My diet often includes lots of protein bars and shakes as I’m usually coming from or going to the gym. While those shakes are tasty and convenient they can often includes lots of extras like sodium and fillers – these Garden of Life proteins are simple, basic, and pure, and most importantly they taste great!

When I’m looking for more of a meal replacement shake that’s when I use the RawFit. I have been using the RawFit for quite sometime and had only tried the original – the Vanilla is AMAZING! If you’re looking for a weight loss jump start, they actually have a program called just that and it works along side the RawFit to help you get started on your weight loss path – it’s great even if you just need a little re-boot as well!

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