Day One.

Is there anyone out there still?

As I type the sun has set on the first day of 2015. Many of you may have resolved to live a healthier/fitter life, starting January 1st. This morning you woke up feeling determined to succeed and with that determination you had a stellar first day of 2015. As the day draws to a close, you’re feeling good about yourself and ready to do it all again tomorrow. When tomorrow arrives, remember this, each day we need to renew our commitment to ourself to make the best choices presented to us in that moment. Wake up January 2nd, with the same determination you had when you awoke this morning. Repeat this 363 more times. Overwhelming? Likely. Can it be done? Absolutely. Will you stumble? YES.

When we start off down the path to improving our health & fitness we often have a strong start and then we lose steam along the way. People often ask me how I stay motivated after so many years, I don’t really know to be honest, but what I do know is that we must simply take this journey one day at a time and slowly those days start to stack up, building a strong foundation as we progress. Will the foundation have a few cracks, sure, but it will not tumble the entire structure. These first few days of the new year you’ll lay some solid “bricks” to your foundation, as the weeks pass, some of the “bricks” might be a little crooked but they are still there, helping you build your ultimate dream house. Don’t let one crooked brick crack your foundation. Every day is a fresh page, a new layer in your dream house. Write your story, create your dream house.


Stay with me over the next year as we explore all things health, fitness, wellness, food and more. Slowly things will shift over to the new domain but the archives will always be here. I’ll be documenting my progress over the next 365 days as well as I build my “dream house”. Join me?


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