Living & Loving Life

Well hello my friends! It’s been quite some time since I visited my little corner of the internets. I’ve added another job to my schedule and well, it’s taking up all the time I used to spend over here! It’s also summer break for the kiddies and I’m really making an effort to spend less time behind the screen and more time having sun and creating memories!

There is plenty of good reads and info to check out in the archives of this blog so please, go have a read! Instagram has become my new favorite spot and you can follow along with food, workouts, and life over there – come say hello! This isn’t goodbye, but I need to take a break, it’s been over 2.5 years of blogging all the things. You can also find me via Facebook at my professional page: COURT Fit Pro or the blog page: TreadmillRunway.

Remember there are also lots of great recipes and workouts to be found as well! I’ll try and stop by weekly and update on life and happenings :)

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