The Scale Is Drunk

I’ve written a few times about the scale and how I feel about it. Yes, it has it’s place in the weight loss journey but for some it’s harder to quit than a bag of chips! Last week I had my food dialed in and I wanted to see if it would make any difference. I took my weight at the beginning of the week and then again on Friday morning, I lost about 2-3lbs that week. However, Friday evening we enjoyed a dinner with our neighbours and while our menu was all healthy fresh food we made ourselves I used a little extra salt, hot sauce, and may have enjoyed 2 cupcakes instead of one ;) When I woke up Saturday I thought I’d check the scale just for “FUN” and to prove a point – THE SCALE IS DRUNK.

Ditch the scale


There really is no way for someone to gain 3lbs over night, well I mean there IS a way, but that’s a whole lot of food! I checked my measurements and they were still the same. One thing I have figured out over this journey is that my body can weigh drastically different amounts on any given day simply depending on what I have eaten the day before. Over the last few months I’ve began to replace stepping on the scale with taking weekly progress shots – to track recovery progress too – and to look back and see how far I’ve come. Visual reminders are a great tool to have on this journey, especially when the scale doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere. Thankfully I’ve made it to a head space where I can look at that number, which is 168.8 by the way, and not care if it’s up by 2-3lbs, put the scale away and go on with my day. It’s taken a LONG time but I’m finally getting there. Measurements and how my clothing fits have become my go to check point to ensure I’m staying on course.

Tips On Breaking Up With The Scale:

  1. Weigh yourself only once a week, slowly changing to once a month (preferably at the same point in your monthly cycle)
  2. Keep a measuring tape and note book by your scale, start taking your measurements to track success
  3. Add a weekly progress photo, be sure to include side profiles as well as front and back.

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