Struggling To Write

Yikes – almost a week since I’ve posted here! My teaching schedule is picking up and we’re busy making memories which isn’t leaving me much time to post here!  I’m struggling with what direction to take this little blog in so thank you for sticking around while I sort it out! Instagram has become my new BFF and you can follow me there for the daily happenings – it’s like a micro blog!

Starting WEDNESDAY you’ll see new posts here every Wednesday, & Friday. Have questions? Leave a comment below and perhaps it will turn into a post? Curious how much and what I eat? Let me know. Looking for workout inspiration and ideas?


  1. I have some questions. :)
    I’d love to see more meal plans. Like what you eat and when. Do you use hemp, chia or flaxseed? If so, why do you eat them? I’ve seen lots of posts around the interwebs but not sure why people are adding them to food. What are some of your favorite items to buy at the store? I could use some ideas on what to eat while at work. We have a fridge and microwave but I’m looking for quick meals and snacks.

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