Size Confusion: Body Image

There are many sides to weight loss that aren’t often discussed, one of the most common ones is what I call “size confusion”. Once you are a certain size for so long it becomes very hard to see yourself as anything else – despite how small you get, in your head you’ve always been a size ___ so it’s very hard to mentally break free from this! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice I take a few profile selfies each week – it’s helping me to see how others see me. The mind is a powerful thing and changing how YOU see YOURSELF isn’t an easy task.

body image after weight loss

I was shopping last week looking for some things for vacation and found a sundress, naturally I reached for a large, I’m still surprised every time I head to the fitting room and things fit – it’s starting to get expensive! I really liked it but wondered it if might be TOO BIG, I went to look for a medium, no luck, they did however have a SMALL. I’ve never been a small anything before. Back to the change room and much to my surprise, it fit and looked even better than the large did. (note: the photo above is the large dress). So does buying a smaller size fix the issue? NO, not even close, but it does help to reinforce the fact that I am indeed smaller, slowly changing how I see myself. When I see other women I can’t help but wonder, “is that how I look to other people?”. I know I’m babbling on here but I’m just hoping someone can make sense of it and realize your not alone with how you feel. Why am I telling you all this? I think it’s important to know that the physical weight loss is just the tip of the ice berg. Don’t let these post-weight loss things get the best of you – it’s important to realize it’s all part of the process. Just keep working thru it, have trust!

Photos & Hips don't lie!

Photos & Hips don’t lie!

I tool this photo at the gym the other day and I was shocked at how small my hips actually are – still really crazy for me to see that this is what was hiding under all the excess weight! If you’re not a fan of photos, take weekly measurements – I still have my very first measurement sheet from when I started my journey. Find something that will give you a visual, something that can’t lie to you (i.e. the scale).

If you aren’t able to sort out the issue of body image on your own, and heck, even if you can, it would be (in my opinion) very beneficial to find someone to chat with about these issues. Often times saying these things out loud can be a huge help. Hopefully this post has made sense to some of you, I like to keep it real around here and this is something I’ve been working thru lately.


  1. I weigh around 101lbs. My size varies from a 2-4. I usually shop in younger person’s store. I will be 55 this yr. I have battled my weight 4 alot of yrs. I’m 5ft3in. It’s a battle every day. I’m tired of watching everything I eat. It takes a lot of work 2 continually stay this small. Am I happy? 4 the most part I am somewhat content. Somehow I can’t stop. I don’t expect people 2 ever understand. I feel it’s the only control I have in my life. More power 2 all who r comfortable in their own Body!

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