FRESH Light Lunch or Snack Idea

Vacation doesn’t have to be about blowing your good eating habits out of the water, sure we may enjoy a few fresh baked chickpea cookies or some ice cream, afterall vacation is about letting go and relaxing. The kids and I were away for 2 weeks and only 1 meal was eaten at a restaurant (blackened fish – amazing!). Normally I don’t eat lunch meat – when I do I like to make sure it’s top quality. There’s no denying it’s a quick, healthy and delicious snack so I happily snacked away while on vacation. You’ve all likley seen my DIY Alfalfa Sprouts I love to eat so much, but I couldn’t exactly bring all my sprouting grear on vacay with me. I was beyond excited when I found fresh sprouts in the store and for only $1.99 (about a pint size).

Quick Easy Snack Ideas

We were shopping at Publix and they have the Boar’s Head line which I love! First I started with the Everroast Chicken and Chipotle hummus with my fresh sprouts – so so tasty! After I finished the chicken I went back a few days later and tried the no salt added roasted turkey breast – amazing!! The meat was about $10/lb so pretty cost effective when you consider it can last a few days!

1 slice turkey, sprouts, and a little hummus.

1 slice turkey, sprouts, and a little hummus.

So just remember, being on vacation doesn’t have to mean the end of clean eating! Keep it EASY & SIMPLE & FRESH!! Bonus – NO Dishes!

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