SOL Republic Relay Headphones Review

Music powers my workouts. Plain and simple. If I happen to forget my headphones there’s a good chance it won’t happen. I usually wear the big over the ear style as I can’t seem to get ear buds that STAY PUT! When SOL Republic asked if I’d like to try the Relay’s I was skeptical they would fall out just like some of the others I’ve tried. When I exercise I love to be able to feel the beat, a.k.a. I like my music loud, it’s like extra motivation. The sounds that comes from these headphones is amazing – nothing is distoreted and sounds super crisp.

Giveaway Time! Win a pair of SOL Republic Relays!

Giveaway Time! Win a pair of SOL Republic Relays!

A couple weeks back I had an interview for a Podcast and it was recommended that I use ear buds with a microphone over skype. Thankfully I had the relays – they delivered crisp clean sound during the interview and stayed in my ears so I didn’t have to worry about fussing with them during the call. They had proven themselves worthy of a workout so I rocked them for a very important workout – my FRIST lifting session post-op! There was lots of moving, bending, and stepmill happening and these headphones are made for me. Love them! The ability to answer a phone call with out having to unplug is nice as well – althought I hate getting calls when I’m mid-workout!

Relays SOL RepublicHeck if Michael Phelps is a fan, they must be awesome right? Here’s the facts:

  • Water & sweat resistance
  • Compatiable with your phone (3 buttons)
  • Super light weight
  • 3 button mic+music control
  • 1 year warranty
  • Carrying case – I LOVE this. It keeps the ear buds clean in my gym bag!

RELAYS is a true crossover headphone. It’s easy to use when you’re working out, won’t fall out when you’re exercising and looks and sounds great for when you’re doing neither. Whether you’re running for a train or training for a run, you can enjoy the fit of a sports headphone with all the sound and style you need to keep up with you all day, no matter what you’re doing.

The SOL Republic website also has some awesome review incase you’d like some back-up feedback!

SOL Republic has offered a pair of RELAY’s to one lucky reader!

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  1. I love 90s hip hop and R&B.

  2. Right now I’m on hour 6 of a train ride. My ill fitting earbuds hurt…so I’m now music free :(. What great timing to see this challenge!

  3. I guess I didn’t answer…lol…I love to work out to heavy fast rock :)

  4. I listen to whatever’s new on the radio or pandora!

  5. SuzanneU says:

    Music you can dance to. No whiny alternative rock music for me. I am really into Elllie Goulding right now. She is da bomb.

  6. Love a variety of music but I tend to listen to trip hop bands like portishead or Massive Attack to A Perfect Circle.

  7. When I’m running I almost always listen to rap and hip hop music, but when it comes to Zumba I’m all about Daddy Yankee (which is really just spanish hip hop music). If I’m working I like listening to our boys – the BSB!

  8. Alicia B says:

    I love anything with a good beat – 80s, 90s, current!

  9. Rock and hip-hop get me moving

  10. Allyson says:

    Upbeat, top 40 music when I’m running. I tend to like newer stuff for that. When it’s a strength training workout, I mix it up more with stuff from the 90’s and 80’s. I like variety!

  11. I enjoy all kinds of music, but for running it’s usually electronic stuff like Daft Punk. It makes me happy!
    Lately I’ve mostly been listening to the beats of my body and the surroundings due to lack of new exciting tunes.. I definitely need to sit down, do some research and put together a new fresh playlist!

  12. I love listening to Daddy Yankee for just about any sort of work out. I also like getting out some old Venga Boys or Aqua tunes when the mood strikes!

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