DIY Apple Strawberry Juice {Perfect For Kids}

As the warm weather approaches we’re all excited for the fresh fruit season! Last summer when I first started juicing we found some great combinations that the kids loved! One of their favorites was a Strawberry Apple Juice. We add a little water to make it go farther and a little less sweet. It’s also the perfect base to make fruit Popsicle by adding some coconut milk or non-dairy milk or yogurt. It’s quick, simple and fairly inexpensive. TIP: Use produce from the clearance rack that may not look so “pretty” but is still perfectly safe to consume! See the original recipe here.

Strawberry Apple Juice for Kids

First prep the fruit and then let the kids help by putting things into the juicer. It gets them involved in the process and remember they’re more likely to eat/drink something they have made! Get the recipe here.

Prepare your apples and strawberries.

Prepare your apples and strawberries.

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