Abdominoplasty Healing Update #3

How time flies! Tomorrow marks 9 weeks since my excess skin removal surgery. In some ways this feels like the longest and yet shortest 9 weeks ever! My last update took us to about 4 weeks post-op, since then the biggest change is I’ve been cleared for exercise again! Every so often my body reminds me its still healing (via swelling or muscle soreness) but most of the time I feel great!


Week 5:

  • More standard recovery
  • Still no exercise
  • One draining of the seroma, smallest amount of fluid. Possibly last draining.
  • Still wearing compression garment 24/7. It’s so stretched out. Buy 2 of these from your doctor if you can
  • No weight gain or loss at this point
  • Scar therapy with Dermatix twice daily

Week 6:

  • Cleared to exercise on my 6 week post-op check-up
  • No draining of seroma, doctor said fluid not enough to drain and body will absorb it
  • Was told to stop wearing the compression garment, but I kept it and wore it after my workouts for the first week for about 2-4 hours to keep swelling down. Honestly I think this did more for me mentally than anything. There wasn’t much excess swelling post workout. Since most of my workouts were at the end of the day it was also mixed with the normal end of day swelling.
  • A few spin classes this week to ease back into my routine and definitely not going at 100% effort.
  • Lots of rest in my recliner when working
  • Scar therapy with Dermatix twice daily

Week 7:

  • Said good-bye to my binder / compression garment for good! It was beyond stretched and wasn’t actually doing anything for me.
  • Had my first “leg day” workout – OUCH! Things were a little sore for about 4 days after, my abs however were totally fine!
  • Increased my level of effort in my fitness classes, but holding back where needed
  • Scar therapy with Dermatix twice daily

Week 8:

  • Tried on jeans for the first time since surgery and they were actually comfortable and fit with nothing hanging over!
  • Said good-bye to my big comfy power recliner (rental) and moved back to my regular office chair
  • The move back to the regular office chair isn’t helping the swelling situation so I’m trying to get up and walk around ever 30 min or so to keep the blood flowing.
  • Scar therapy with Dermatix twice daily
  • Repeated the same crazy body weight leg workout from week 7 and didn’t suffer for nearly as long! Also added in some light (5lb) upper body weights into the mix
  • Happy with how things are progressing but every day the tummy can look so different! Time of day is a huge factor for how swollen I get.
8 Weeks Post-Op

8 Weeks Post-Op

Week 9:

  • Tomorrow marks 9 weeks since surgery.
  • I’ve slept without pillows under my legs a few times now and I’ve felt fine. Even a few times on my right side, the left is still a no go.
  • This week I hit my lowest weight in about 10 years! Consider how much skin he removed this makes sense given my pre-surgery weight.
  • Still rocking lots of cardio as I can’t do too many weights just yet.
  • Scar therapy with Dermatix twice daily
  • Went shopping for a spin class costume – I’m dressing as Sporty Spice for a theme ride and was shocked when I fit my booty into a size SMALL pants. I started this journey a size 3XL, and now I’m a size SM, 6 Lululemon, or 10 jeans – isn’t women’s sizing crazy!!

Please remember, this surgery is NOT a weight loss surgery. You should be at your goal weight BEFORE your surgeon agrees to preform the operation. I consider this to be functional plastic surgery as the excess skin was impeding my ability to improve my fitness and perform certain exercises. While it was MY CHOICE to have this surgery, it may not be for you. Please be respectful of my choices as I would be of yours.

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