Squats, Lunge, Repeat. A Killer Body Weight Leg Day Workout.

Friday marked my one week “anniversary” of being cleared to workout again. My plan was to ease back into my routine so I didn’t injure myself or cause any damage, thus causing another setback. I planned for 4 workouts last week, 3 cycling classes and 1 Leg Day, and I tacked a light upper body workout on to one of my cycle days.


After 7 weeks off from any leg work, it’s safe to say my legs are feeling it. The toilet is soooo far down and the large flight of stairs I have to climb to get there has me crawling up it and struggling to get back down. During my workout I was VERY careful of my abs and paid careful attention to my core and tuned into any pain/strains that may happen. Thankfully I made it thru my workout without issue. I could tell as soon as I finished that my legs were toast – I considered taking the elevator back down to the sauna!

Pre-op I could bust out body weight squats and lunges without even feeling it, now not so much. It’s humbling to have to start all over, and I’m looking at it as an opportunity to remember how it feels for someone who’s just starting out. I think it will be valuable for me to have this fresh in my mind when teaching boot camps and such this summer. I need to remember that not everyone needs to add huge weights to squats to “feel the burn”, consider me officially reminded!

Complete each round 3 times before moving on to the next.

Body Weight Squats x 15
Static Lunge x 15 / each side

Sumo Squats x 15 (add 5lb dumbells in each hand)
Side lunge x 15 / each side

ROUND 3:Squat w/ side leg lift x 16
Bulgarian split squat x 15 / each side


  1. Oooh I like this workout

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