Back In The Saddle

Yesterday I had my 6 week post-op check-up and I finally got cleared to exercise! AsĀ Dr. Elmaraghy started talking about exercise I could literally feel a smile coming over my face. He also checked the seroma and the good news is that my body has finally started to absorb it. The scar is looking great and it has entered its darker before it gets lighter phase, which is common for this time frame (6-8 weeks).

Let's Ride!

Let’s Ride!

My appointment was just before my Friday spin class so I was super excited that I would finally be able to pedal while I taught! After about 3 songs I was actually a little winded so I dialed it back so I could keep teaching! Saturday afternoon I couldn’t resist the urge to head back to the gym for my first real workout. I started with a 5min walk on the Woodway and then made my way to the spin studio where I kicked my own butt in a private spin class for 1! I had set a goal of 10 miles in 30 minutes which is just under my normal distance for that time. I was able to do sprints and hills with almost my normal amount of effort. I did have to dial it back a little bit to prevent my core from working too hard – which I need to avoid for another 6 weeks. After my ride I grabbed some dumbells (eeekkk – only 5lbs!) and did 3 sets of curls, overhead press, and tricep dips. Before surgery I could easily do this with 15-20lbs, and yet after 3 sets I could feel a burn in my arms, clearly I’ve regressed a little bit!

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking class so I can just enjoy the ride and not have to worry about coaching anyone. The plan is to give as much as I can while keeping the core safe and hope I can make it through the hour! The doctor cleared me for any and all cardio activities but things like push-up and plank will need to wait another 6 weeks. Basically anything that puts strain on the core needs to wait another 6 weeks.

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