Post Surgery Recovery Diet {Abdominoplasty}

Today marks 2 days post-op and I’m back at home now. The surgery was supposed to be “day surgery” meaning you go home a few hours after but I was having blood pressure issues and needed to stay the night. Thankfully I planned ahead and packed some food for my hospital bag. I wanted to keep my diet as close to what it usually is so my body didn’t have too much shock all at once. It’s also very important to keep the sodium to a minimum post-surgery so cooking your own food is the best option. My nurses were very respectful of my dietary wishes and didn’t try and push hospital food on me which was nice.

abdominoplasty recovery food

With the above being said, I should first note that had hospital food been necessary for health reasons I would have eaten it. For my recovery in the hospital I packed some grass fed whey protein and some peanut butter hemp protein bites. Due to blood pressure issues these didn’t get eaten until much later in the day and water and ice chips became my method of hydration until I was feeling better! Once I was transferred to my overnight room my husband brought me another shake with water, whey, peanut butter and lots of spinach. Trying to hydrate and get lots of fiber.

The recovery food.

The recovery food.

Lots of protein and liquid is on the menu…and low sodium to prevent even more swelling. I love my orange pekoe tea – which has caffeine – to try and reduce the caffeine brew a cup first then dump it out and re-use that tea bag 1-2 times, less caffeine, same taste. Yesterday started off with my favorite new pancake recipe which I’ll get posted this week! They were topped with nut butter and some maple syrup. Lemon water has also been a staple! As much as it can hurt to get up and make the trip to the washroom, it’s good to clear out swelling and toxins from the surgery. Getting up also helps reduce the risk of blood clots and it’s like a mini workout getting in and out of this chair! To get my greens in I’ve had my husband adding spinach to my protein shakes and eggs. Also – eggs without hot sauce – that’s just no fun! Yesterday Sawyer also made me some hemp chickpea cookies which are great for fiber and a little protein.

Since my body is used to lots of workouts I’m trying to keep the carbs lower than I have been simply because sitting in a chair doesn’t require much energy. My body does still need some to heal so that why I’m having smart carbs like chickpeas and my special pancakes! Right now the recovery food is all about protein and smart carbs (greens & veggies), with a little fat thrown in for good measure and because you just can’t take away my avocado and nut butter!

Have you ever been sidelined with an injury? How did your diet change?


  1. I’ll keep this in mind in the event I need major abdominal surgery (aka C-section) with my twins.

    Isn’t it frustrating that in order to be healthy post-surgery, you need to NOT eat what they serve at a hospital??? That blows my mind.

    • Yes it really seems backwards doesn’t it! I really just wanted ice chips for the most part thankfully. The nurses suggested I could send someone to the coffee shop for a bagel or donut lol – I was like thanks but NO! I didn’t just spend $10K to eat a donut in recovery lol! I’ll eat a donut but I’ll be making it myself!

  2. Georgette Hosking says:

    So you have made a pretty diet plan of yours. Cool..!!! I am also considering an abdominoplasty surgery to tighten up abdominal muscles. I am a bit feared about the diet plan my surgeon is going to prefer me. I think I could create a plan like this, so I don’t need to struggle with the dishes I hate the most.

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