One Choice.

Every day we’re faced with choices and one at a time they will shape the reality of our day. Will you choose take-out for lunch or will you stick to your pre-packed lunch? The key to finding success in weight loss is to take the journey one choice at a time, each one hopefully leading you closer to your big goal. Do we always make the perfect/right choice? Nope – and that’s OK, as long as we make more “right” choices than “wrong” choices along our way we’ll be just fine.

Dreams Become Reality quote

Looking back my weight loss journey started with ONE CHOICE and over the past 2 years those choices have helped me build the solid foundation to my end goal. Have I made poor or wrong choices along the way, you betcha, but by taking this journey ONE CHOICE at a time I’ve been able to keep pushing forward.

Simply put, just because you make a less than stellar snack or meal choice or skip a workout doesn’t mean all your efforts are washed away. Every time your faced with a new choice it’s an opportunity to get just that little bit closer to you goals and dreams.

Dreams Become Reality One Choice at a Time.


  1. Awesome thought to reflect on every once in a while! Sometimes I get so caught up on the “wrong” choice that I just decide that it’s over and then go over board. :S Like lately…

  2. This is so true! Sometimes when I eat something that I shouldn’t have or sleep in instead of working out I shrug and decide the whole day is ruined, so why not continue to splurge? I’m most successful when I remember that one bad decision isn’t going to make me gain five pounds immediately – it’s all about majority!

  3. Thank you!!! I needed to hear this today. Thanks for an inspiring post :)

  4. I love love love this saying. I had a bracelet with this on it and it broke, now I need to fix it! I keep reminding myself it is one choice at a time!

  5. I love that! One choice at a time is so much easier than 1 pound at a time.

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