Enjoy The Ride: An Indoor Cycling Profile & Playlist

Sometimes schedules just don’t line up or you get stuck in traffic or for a million other reasons you don’t make it to your cycling class. Not to worry – download this playlist and you’re good to go for a guaranteed workout. Remember, when you’re riding alone you are the sole source of motivation, there is no one there to push you just the little bit more than you’ll push yourself. Set your intention for the ride during your warm-up and use this to push you thru when the ride starts to get tough or when  you need that extra push.

spinning indoor cyclingTurn these tunes up and get ready to ride!

spinning workout

WARM-UP: Heart On My Sleeve//Avicii
Take time here to set your intention for the ride. Riding with you tension set around 5-6 and experiment with adding and taking back tension with the music.

Peacemaker//Green Day
0:00-1:15 #3 out of saddle
1:15-1:45 Sprint in the saddle, take back a little tension
1:45-2:45 #3 out of saddle
2:45-3:24 Sprint in the saddle, take back a little tension

Wake Me Up//Avicii
Here you will have 7 opportunities to reach the top of the hill. You should be breathless at the top. By the time you have 2 chances left you should be well outside your comfort zone.
0:40, 1:10, 1:25, 1:36, 2:26, 2:43, 3:14

Party Rock//LMFAO
Speed tabatas. 20 seconds intense work at top speed, 10 seconds rest. 8 rounds.

0:00-1:15 Working outside your comfort zone around a 7.5/8 and riding around 75-90RPM.
1:15-END #3 out of the saddle

Take Me Home//CashCash
30/30 Power pushes. Riding at a 7.5/8 you’ll be cruising at a good pace and then every 30 seconds push forward and pick-up the pack to YOUR top speed.

Hey Brother//Avicii
0:00-0:35 Slow & heavy
0:35-1:06 top speed
1:06-1:45 add tension and keep speed
1:45-2:20 take tension pack to 7.5 and reach top speed
2:20-2:53 #3 out of saddle
2:53-4:07 take back tension to 8 and pick up speed

Lucky Strike//Maroon 5
0:00-0:32 Easy, 5
0:32-1:00 8-9 top speed
1:00-1:27 Easy, 5
1:27-1:54 8-9 top speed
1:54-2:27 Easy, 5
2:27-3:04 8-9 top speed

The Phoenix//Fall Out Boy
Simple hill. Every 30 seconds add tension. Starting at 6 and working to 10.

0:00-1:10 Level 7.5, top speed
1:10-2:25 Seated climb
2:25-3:20 #3 out of saddle
3:20-3:37 Seated push with tension and speed

Symphony #5
Tension tabatas. Make it HEAVY. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. 8 rounds.

Bad Blood//Bastille
30 seconds @ 7.5
30 seconds @ 8
60 seconds @ 9
60 seconds @ 10

Lose Yourself
The only rule here is that you let everything out and finish with an “empty tank”. You should be breathless and wondering how you’re going to finish the entire 5 minutes. If by 2 minutes in you aren’t wondering how you’ll finish, turn the resistance up and get working.

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