The Next 3 Weeks

This is all happening so fast and yet it feels like some days are passing by in slow motion. My surgery date is February 7th so I’ve got just about 3 weeks left! For those of you who missed the big announcement, I will be having excess skin removal surgery. Since losing over 130lbs in 2 years I’m left with a good amount of skin hanging around my abdomen and inner thighs. This surgery is only for the abdomen, the thighs will have to wait.

BEFORE 24-26 | AFTER Size 8-10

BEFORE Size 24-26 | AFTER Size 8-10

I’ve been reading all the blogs I can find about other peoples experiences – not so much about the surgery, but about the recovery process, I just want to be prepared for any emotions that may happen. One of the blogs I had read said “I consider this functional plastic surgery, not cosmetic.” I couldn’t agree more. To me this has nothing to do with stretch marks, I have no problem with those. This is about infections at my belly button due to skin folds and not being able to see and enjoy the true results of my hard work over the last 2 years.

Working Hard In The Gym

Building strength to make recovery easier (& hopefully quicker!)

One of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around is the amount of recovery time. I’m doing my best to embrace it and welcome the downtime from the gym. In the last 2 years I don’t think I’ve taken more than 2 days in a row off from working out. So 3+ weeks is quite a bit to swallow. Over the weekend I seem to have had some kind of break-thru and I’m looking forward to the break from my daily intense workouts. I’ll be back to walking around the block as soon as approved but nothing intense for a few weeks. On Sunday morning I wanted to sleep in instead of heading to my favorite cycling class, I reminded myself that I only have 3 weeks left and then I get to take a nice long (well deserved) break from the gym.

During my downtime I’ve decided to study for my Fitness Instructor Specialist certification. I have my indoor cycling certification but I’d love to expand my knowledge and teaching abilities to things like boot camp, barre, etc.. Since I’ll have 2-4 non-gym hours a day that’s plenty of time to study and I’ll be ready to take my exam once I’m cleared by my doctor! Now that my downtime has a “purpose” I’m hoping I’ll go less stir crazy!

The amount of support from friends and family regarding this decision has been amazing. I’m so so lucky to have such a great supportive group of people around me. The kind words people are leaving on my donation page make me feel beyond blessed.

Thank you for all your amazing support!

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