Hemp Granola Bites

Home made “balls” or bars seem to be the hot thing right now and yet I’ve never tried to create my own….until today! Inspired, I rounded up my favorite ingredients and got to work. Food texture is a huge issue for me so I wasn’t sure how these would go over. Let’s just say I’ve messaged a few friends to see if they want some so I don’t eat them all.

Hemp Granola Bites

We’ve got some of my favorite pantry staples here. North Coast Naturals Daily Cleanse & Hemp Seeds, Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Granola, Cashew Butter, Natural Delights Organic Dates, Organic cinnamon and maple syrup. Just a heads-up – these dates are non-pitted so be sure to take the pitts out before blending! This recipe is so simple and comes together in about 10 minutes.


  • 9 Organic Dates
  • 1/3C Daily Cleanse
  • 3/4C Hemp Granola
  • 1/8-1/4tsp Organic Cinnamon
  • 1/4C Cashew Butter (any nut butter will work)
  • 3tbsp Organic Maple Syrup
  • 28g Hemp Seed – do not add to blender mix

NUTRITION Per Ball: 120.9 Cal | 2.6g Protein | 5.3g Fat | 17g Carbs

Add everything EXCEPT Hemp Seeds to blender and blend well.

Add everything EXCEPT Hemp Seeds to blender and blend well.

After things are mixed well transfer to a bowl and mix in your hemp seeds. Grab a tablespoon to measure out portions. You should get between 16-17 balls depending on how heaping your spoon fulls are!

Hemp Protein Balls

These are so so delicious and the texture is amazing. Make sure you’ve got friends to share these with or some serious self control! If you’re looking for something with higher protein you can add a scoop or two of your favorite protein and add an extra tbsp of maple syrup. Tomorrow there will be another variation of these with higher protein and a different base cereal.


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