10 Days, 12 Workouts ‘Til Surgery Day

As I was looking at the calendar planning out my next 2 weeks I realized there is only 10 days until my surgery. It’s all becoming super real. As I type this I’m finalizing the rental on my power lifting recliner – yay for recovering in comfort – it’s way more affordable than I expected! This morning I was looking for a photo from last January to do a comparison yet all I could find was photos of the scale, my shoes and food!

January 17 2014 | Size 8-10

January 17 2014 | Size 8-10

I keep trying to envision what I’ll look like without this excess amount of skin on my abdomen and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Like I’ve mentioned before I consider this functional plastic surgery and not cosmetic. Will the stretch marks still be there? You bet! I’m totally okay with that and I really don’t care who sees them. The scale – depending on the day – has been reading around 170lbs, so that’s on track with my goal for heading into surgery. I’ll try and not let this mini-journey take over the blog but it is a major life event and it’s part of losing a large amount of weight, and that’s PART of what this blog is all about, documenting the good, bad and ugly sides of weight loss.

Over the last few days I’ve been making lists and plans for when I’m off. Next week I’ll be cooking as much as I can so I don’t have to worry about that while I’m recovering. The “Internets” say that large amounts of protein are essential for recovery so I’m looking for low carb ways to get the protein while trying to stay with my vegetarian ways. That being said, will I eat chicken if I have to – you bet. Going from a high level of activity to virtually laying around most of the day I need to watch what I’m eating so I want to keep the unessential carbs to a minimum. Obviously veggies are GOOD CARBS and are essential for healing energy, so those will be plentiful!

Over the last year my lifestyle has slowly transitioned to organic and plant based so I do worry about all the medications that are required for this surgery but I understand they are necessary. I’ll be flushing them out when the doctor clears me to with lots of green juice and my trusty Garden of Life Prefect Food Raw Detox.

My workouts have been focused on building more strength and lifting a heavier so I’m hoping to have minimal regression. I understand that some will happen and that’s to be expected. Later this week I’m going to put myself thru a baseline test – planks, push-ups, pull-ups etc, so I know where I was pre-surgery. I’ve started to taper the workouts back a bit in numbers, over the last few months there have been quite a few two-a-days, and I think in the next 2 weeks I’ve only got 2-3 on the schedule, slowly easing myself down.


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