I Once Was Fat: A Book Review

This land of the internet allows you to meet so many amazing people. For me one of those people was Zach who went from Instagram follower to real life friend. I don’t remember our first insta-convo but I do remember I found him inspiring and when he introduced me to his wife her and I quickly became great friends – we’re pretty much the same person as we often joke! Together they have lost an amazing amount of weight the old fashion way – HARD work and quality food. Zach has been working hard for the past year crafting his first book which I’m sure you’ll find beyond inspiring.

What’s this book all about? Here’s what the amazon.com page has to say:

The health and fitness industry is broken. Losing weight, keeping it off for good, and becoming truly healthy is not about shortcuts and dieting. It is about education, discipline, and the willingness to change habits. “I Once Was Fat But Now I See: A Basic Guide to Weight Loss Through Holistic Living” is not a diet book. Author Zach Bohannon lost 115 pounds in 15 months through hard work, consistency, learning the rights and wrongs of good health and has been able to keep all of the weight off. “I Once Was Fat But Now I Seeā€¦” is your guide to losing weight and keeping it off from someone who has been through it himself having once weight over 300 pounds. Some of the things covered in this book include: -Where do I start? -How should I track my progress? -Should I count calories? -What healthy swaps can I make to still eat the food I love but be healthier? -How do I find time to eat healthy and to exercise? -What kind of workouts should I be doing?

This past summer you may remember we took a road trip to Nashville to visit Zach and his wife, Kathryn. It was such an amazing trip full of amazing food, friends and of course kick butt workouts! If you’re looking for a little extra motivation (or know someone who is) I urge you to check out Zach’s book. He’s even made it available for your Kindle incase you can’t wait to start reading!



  1. Thank you! I’m so proud of him! Thank you for helping him and promoting him! Love you long time!

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