Motivational Quotes: Mountains & Muscle

It’s been a while since I shared a motivation quote with you! While getting lost in the Internets the other day I came across this quote and thought it was fantastic. I hope you find the same inspiration from it.

inspirational fitness quote

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my weight loss journey as I approach my 2 year fitaversary and perhaps that’s why I connected with this quote. When you’re just starting your journey it truly can seem like climbing a mountain, however we’re often told that it makes things easier if we break it down into small goals. I have lost almost 130-140lbs from my heaviest weight – knowing you need to lose over 100lbs is enough to deter some people, but if you slowly chip away at that mountain eventually hit become a hill and if you keep going, keep chipping away that hill will turn into a flat road. It may have some twists and turns – as do all things in life – but ultimately you’ll get there and yes the road will need regular maintainence to keep cracks and pot holes from forming but it’s much easier than having to start chipping away at that mountain all over again!

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