How To Grow Your Own Sprouts

As part of my efforts to eat an organic clean food diet I’d been wanting to try sprouts for a long time. When I go to the pita store I always load up on the sprouts but I could never find them at the local grocer to buy for home. While at the health food store the other day I stumbled upon a sprouting jar for under $10 and some organic alfalfa seeds that I’m sure will last me FOREVER!

Grow Your Own Sprouts

So for under $30 I was setting myself up to have fresh organic alfalfa sprouts for quite some time – infact this was so successful I think I’m going to get a few more jars! I was amazed at just how simple the process was and how quickly my jar was jam packed full of sprouts. As a caution after reading many articles about sprouting they talk about bacteria growning duirng the process – I rinsed my sprouts with filtered water each time and made sure to keep the broken up as much as possible. If you are still unsure you can cook them – they will lose some nutrients – but this will kill the bacteria. Please do not eat your sprouts should they smell funny or have an odd taste.

DIY Organic Sprouts

The sprouting process. Rinse & repeat.

Here’s the process I used:

  1. 2 tbsp of alfalfa seeds + 6 tbsp of filtered water. Pour over seeds and rinse well. Drain water. Add 6tbsp of filtered water and let seeds sit for 12hrs or over night.
  2. Rinse seeds well with filtered water, drain and set jar in indirect sunlight – beside the sink is perfect. Let seeds sit for 12 hours.
  3. Repeat the rinse and drain cycle every 12 hours or so for 3-5 days and you should have a nice amount of sprouts.
  4. When the green leaves appear and the brown seed parts are starting to fall off you’re ready to harvest.
  5. Transfer to a large bowl and fill with filtered water. Loosen sprouts with your hands. The brown seeds will separate and you can scoop them away with a spoon. Repeat rinsing until you’ve gotten as many of the brown seed pods as possible – toss them in the compost.
  6. Refigerate your sprouts and eat them within in a few days for optimal freshness.

This was my first attempt at sprouting anything and it seemed to go off without much of a hitch. Would you ever try growing your own?


  1. That looks so cool! I would feel very earthy and one with nature if I did that, I just don’t know where I am on sprouts. I’m not even sure I’ve ever tried them :S What do they taste like?

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