Learning To Fly

It’s taken me a few days to collect my thoughts on this and how to go about processing it so I hope all the words garbled below make sense and are able to help you if you’re ever in a similar situation. Here we go.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a trainer helping me along most of my journey, weather it be group training or one-on-one sessions. I started my journey working with Danielle and then when I joined my gym I started training with Rob (whom I had known for years before – he knew me at my worst and now at my best). Both helped instill a love of fitness in me and I feel like I learned from the best and their motivation and teachings are what’s kept me on track and motivated this journey. This summer Rob was there to offer encouragement and give me the push I needed to get my teaching certification – I knew deep down I wanted to do it but having someone you look up to enourage you to take the step makes it much easier.

Tuesday nights I usually head to bed around 930 as I have a 530am wake-up. Just after 930 I see a message from Rob…

I’ve got some news & I don’t want to blindside you in the morning. I’ve decided to take on a new career. It gets me back to my roots & most importantly, provides a steady paycheque for my family. We will talk more about you moving forward in the morning. I hope you understand as you were one of the people that made this a VERY hard decision. See you in the morning.

Tears start to flow and immediately I’m feeling scared and unsure of even how to feel. Was I being over dramatic? Was I affraid to fail with out his help? What if? What if? But mostly I think it was shock and just not knowing how to feel. It feels like your best friend telling you their moving across the country (see I’m being dramatic again!) – you get the point.

After thinking about it for a few days I think my initial rection was fear. Fear of the unknown. I shed some tears and then tossed and turned for a few hours before finally falling asleep. Yes, I was/am sad that he is leaving, but more that that I am happy for him and his family. I realized the things that were making me cry were not him leaving (okay a little), but the fact that I would soon have to use all the tools I’ve learned over the past 2 years and fly on my own – FEAR. That being said, I know I’m never truly alone as I have an amazing support system at my gym (**waves**hi – friends!), on this blog and at home.


I believe things happen for a reason and try and find the best in the situation whatever it may be. If you ever find yourself in this situation of a trainer/mentor finding a new path, do not let it become an excuse for you. Yes they may have been a major part of your success, however, YOUR success is just that, YOURS. They become part of your team, a big piece of your tool kit but it’s ultimately about how you choose to use those tools that determines your success.

Rob has suggested who he feels is the best match for me and I’m looking forward to building a new relationship and finishing out my remaining sessions. I’m excited to see how this person approaches training and learn some new things. Afterall, there is no point in stressing about these things as we all know stress hinders weight loss my friends! Onwards and upwards, of course with PASSION & PURPOSE as Rob would say.

I hope all these garbled thoughts make sense – thanks for reading.

**I’ve published this post after discussing it with Rob and he agreed to me writing it.**

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