Burpees With Friends

It’s no secret I’m at the gym a lot. Yesterday night the kids were out so I had a few hours and I thought I’d try a new class – Anti Gravity yoga – it was actually pretty cool and I’ll be going back, it’s quite the core workout. One of the things I love most about my gym is that everyone is so friendly – it’s like a big gym family. When I entered my first contest at the gym a few us became really close thru the journey and we still like to workout together – fitness is more fun with friends! After our yoga session yesterday my friend suggested we try one of her crossfit workouts: 7 minutes of burpees – yes that’s right 7 MINUTES OF BURPEES. Since we came up with this plan last night I had all day worry about how I may die of burpees. However when your friend shows up with this for motivation it means 2 things; 1. awesome friend 2. you do the burpees.

Hey Girl...

Hey Girl…

There was also a “you survived” meme as well. We set the time and got to work. We took about a 5 second rest after each minute and pushed thru. Once we settled into a rhythm it really wasn’t too bad. To be fair, I dropped the jump up part off my burpees after about 3 minutes but my legs were still on fire by the end of the 7 minutes.

Then because we weren’t completely spent, she suggested we do the “Bring Up Sally” workout. Basically you spend the length of the song squatting with a barbell on your back. When the song says “Bring Sally Down” you squat and hold it until it says “Bring Sally Up” and then keep going thru the 4 minute song.

After this we added on this crusher of a circuit:

  1. Russian Twists on a BOSU (weighted)
  2. Dead Lift (50lbs)
  3. Ball Slams 13Kg
  4. Sprint

Preform each exercise for 60 seconds and complete 2 rounds. Finish this workout with one final round of “Bring Sally Up”.

If you’re still alive at this point – bravo! It’s even more awesome if your workout buddy gets you an awesome birthday card like this one with a gift card for the shake bar. If you can find yourself a workout buddy – it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll end up working harder – you know you wouldn’t do 7 minutes of burpees on your own, having someone to suffer thru it with you is so much better!

Best Birthday Card!

Best Birthday Card!


  1. Am I not just getting what the three rules are or do you need to open the card for me to read the rest of the message?? LOL …and your workout description alone made me want to vomit. I am in awe!!!

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