Body & Mind

We all have those days, those moments where we feel like our bodies can’t do what we’re asking of them. It started as I adjusted my bike for my ride tonight – I just felt off and could feel the excuses come flooding in – even when I was about to take a class that I love – that I’m making a career out of. Thankfully I’ve been on this journey for a while now and I can recognize these thoughts and deal with them before they take over. You must practice body over mind and know that your mind will quit before your body will.

mind body connection

I set a distance goal of at least 21 miles tonight and that’s where I kept my focus – on the miles and as I watched them add up I felt the competitior inside me light up. I was the only one in this race but I was determined to win. The tension on my bike may not have been set as high as it normally is but is it what my body could handle in that moment and it drove me to my goal.

This is why I’ve always been a fan of group exercise, you feel part of something even when you’re working on your own. Last week at this same time I skipped this class and thought I’d ride the spin bike in the main gym area and go over my routine. As I rode through I knew I wasn’t working as hard yet felt like if I rode as hard as I do in spin class – funny faces and all – that people would wonder what was wrong with me. I held back and my workout suffered because of it. When you’re in a class all those people have made a decision to commit that hour of their day to working as hard as they can – you’re part of the pack. When working out solo there is no one to push you harder than you will push yourself, no one to make sure you stick out the 60 minutes, no one to crush the “I cants”.

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