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Last week I had my best friend since 4th grade take some fitness photos for me. I’ve been asked for them a few times now and never had anything of great quality to provide (my iPhone selfies weren’t cutting it!), so I asked Jess if I could hire her for a couple hours and see what we could get. Considering neither of us had ever done a “fitness photoshoot” before I think we did pretty well! I’m most in love with the ones taken on the spin bike – I feel like it shows my true passion. Keep in mind I obviously still have more weight to lose but for once I am HAPPY with photos that someone else took of me – this never happens! If we want to be dramatic we can compare them to my before photos for fun – want to? Okay, lets do it!


Family Photo 2010.

Family Photo 2010.

This is the last family photo we have and it’s nowhere to be seen in our home because I can’t stand to see myself like that. How did I wake-up every day and look in the mirror and not want to stop and make a change? Regardless, I’m thankful one day I finally did wake-up and made the change and haven’t looked back, sure I’ve looked around on the journey but I’ve never stoppped or made a u-turn and I think that’s what’s most important.

Like I said before I used to hate having my photo taken – probally because I would realize how bad things had gotten – now I’m sure y’all are sick of my selfies on Instagram! Here’s some of my favorites from the photos the other day. We’re going to re-shoot the bike ones in a couple weeks to make them crisper – it will be fun to see how much I can change in a few weeks – challenge accepted!

The "After" or "Progress" Photos. Sept 2013.

The “After” or “Progress” Photos. Sept 2013.

Remember, Believe in yourself, Trust the process, Change forever. Don’t look back unless it’s to remind yourself how far you’ve come.



  1. Wow Court! What amazing progress you’ve made! Congrats, and you SHOULD be happy with those photos, you look great!

  2. You look amazing and should be so proud of yourself!!

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