The Routine Change

As we’re almost into October and starting to settle into the new routine that the kids being in school full time has presented. My training sessions have moved to early mornings so that I have my days free to work and do errands that need to be done, so more of a traditional 9-5 kind of schedule for me. It’s not been easy to get used to and I’ve been heading to bed much earlier than I used to. I also used to write this blog every night so y’all would have something fresh to read each morning and I’ve not been to awesome at meeting my own deadline – it’s currently 2pm – and I’m just writing the post now, but hey I like to showcase real life around these parts and this is how life is happening. I’m also still trying to get the hang of meal planning for the family – currently I make 3-4 different dinners depending on what everyone wants – I must figure out how to change this.

Don't forget to stretch!

Don’t forget to stretch!

One thing I love to do during the day is push the chair back and squat while I work or do some stretching at my desk. It’s refreshing and your body will thank you. Give it a try with some wide sumo (pile) squats and some calf raises. Basically pretend your desk is the barre at Physique57!

Once I get the kids on the bus I head home to make my breakfast and go down to my office to answer client emails and clear out a few tasks that need to be done. Then I’ll often take a break and make a tea and/or clean the kitchen up from the tornado that is morning school prep. Back down to my office to check all the clients social networks, interact, post and such then by the time that’s all done it’s time to cook lunch. The afternoon is a repeat of the morning and then when the kids arrive home I try and get out of my office and hangout with them. Somehow I manage to get a workout in 6 days a week – sometimes it’s at 630am, but you do what you’ve got to do. Today due to poor planning on my part there will be no formal workout but there will be some Just Dance and some trampoline bounching and maybe a bike to the park so I’d call that a pretty active rest day!

How are you fitting it all in?


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