Becoming A Morning Person

If you know me offline you’d know I’ve never been a morning person. There really wasn’t much I was willing to wake up earlier than 7am for. Thankfully I was blessed with kids who inherited my love for sleep and now sleep until at least 7am most days. However, since they both are in school full time now the schedule has changed a bit around here and I’m trying to fit everything in. I now have my days free to spend in the office so I’m trying to make the most of those so I can have evenings and weekends to spend with them. Unfortunately this means my mid-day workouts needed to find a new home and the only open spot was BEFORE 7am. So the question was just how bad do I want this? Apparently pretty bad as I’m now slowly transitioning to the 5 – 530am wake-up calls (depending on the day) to get to the gym, workout, and be home before they wake up so I can prepare lunches and get them off to school.

Rise & Grind

It’s not been easy, but I’m finding I feel better throughout the day and often by the time the afternoon has rolled around I forget I even worked out that morning – until I go to walk up the stairs and am quickly reminded! In the final push to my birthday goal I’m going to be fitting in some two-a-days to really kick the last few pounds away. Mornings are personal training (happy birthday gift to me!), and then evenings will be cardio, usually cycling or running/stepmill. Tuesday nights are also the standing dance party in this house where we have a before bed living room dance party with the Just Dance 2014 game on the wii. The kids have a blast and burn off a little energy before bed. My dancing skills are slowly improving – I won’t be anyone’s backup dancer any time soon!

So far I have 3 super early wake-up’s each week and 2 some what early ones – you’ve gotta start somewhere right? When you set the alarm tonight, ask yourself “How bad do I want this?”, it will make your wake up that much easier!

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