Travelling Fit: Nashville Day 1

We’re on a road trip to Nashville/Chicago and I’m doing my best to keep fit while I’m away! During our drive down to Nashville every time we stopped for gas I did a little yoga and quick cardio to keep myself from getting stiff. I’m happy to report it worked! No stiffness from a long 12 hour drive = success!

Gas Station Yoga - Whatever it takes

Gas Station Yoga – Whatever it takes

It was a two day trek down to Nashville because we didn’t want to sit in the car for so many hours. We picked Kentucky as our stopping point for the night as we’d been driving for about 6-7 hours at this point.

I <3 the greeness of Kentucky.

I <3 How Green Kentucky Is.

Of course we could have picked a super fancy place for dinner, but why do that when I knew there was a Chipotle close by! I can never get enough Chipotle. Ever.

mmmmmm YUM!

mmmmmm YUM!

Of course we made one more stop for gas so we could just wake up and go first thing in the morning. I took advantage of the light posts at this stop and did some awesome stretching and a few quick push-ups.

Stretch it out!

Stretch it out!

The breakfast at the hotel in Kentucky was less than stellar – basically all the bad carbs someone could want. Muffins, bagels, bread, waffles, and cereal. I opted to skip it and find breakfast on the road. I was hoping for a grocery store where I could grab something however, I ended up going for a CLIFF bar and a giant bottle of water. Then I was on the hunt for a tea and in the south it’s not easy to find hot tea! Thankfully I remembered I packed my stevia and tea bags – the nice folks at Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t even charge me for my giant cup of hot water!

Once we arrived in Nashville Kat & Zach met us at the hotel – of course we checked out the gym before we set out for sight seeing because – duh!

Friends workout together.

Friends workout together.

Then off for some exploring and to find some lunch. We checked out the famous Wild Cow and then Jeni’s ice cream after – it was all very delicious! Wild Cow is a vegan and organic restaurant in east Nashville.

Wild Cow & Jeni's for Lunch.

Wild Cow & Jeni’s for Lunch.

Zach had told me about some awesome grass-fed whey protein so naturally I wanted to try some! You know isn’t that one of the first things you do when you get to a new city?

I'm so excited to check out these awesome proteins!

I’m so excited to check out these awesome proteins!

We’re just about to start day 2! Today I get to guest-teach a segment of Zach’s boot camp class tonight – I’m super excited and totally nervous!

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