The Best Food In Nashville

One of the perks to having fit/foodie friends is that they know all the best local places to eat! Yesterday’s lunch spot was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-In’s & Dives, yet its was one of the healthiest sandwiches you could make! We had big workout before each meal yesterday – the boys played hockey for 2 hours and we did some weights and cardio in the hotel gym (which is very well stocked for a hotel gym!), and then we went to Zach’s boot camp class before dinner.

We ate breakfast at the hotel yesterday and it was amazing – I wanted to keep going back for more, but I restrained myself! They have an omelet station where they make a fresh omelet to order for you and the buffet had tons of fresh fruit options, bacon, sausage, eggs and more. Best breakfast in a long time!

DoubleTree Downtown Nashville

Breakfast at The DoubleTree Downtown Nashville

After the first workout of the day (and cowboy boot shopping) we were all starving and Zach took us to this local place that has the best sandwiches. It was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-In’s & Dives as I mentioned before. Hubs and I ordered the Turkey Avocado sandwiches. It’s made on homemade bread for a local company, however, out of habit I took the top slice off. They also had these amazing brownies for dessert so we split one – it was so delicious! If you’re in the East Nashville area this is a must do. They use local meats and bread to make the best food!!


Mitchells Delicatessen East Nashville

After a little more sightseeing and such it was time to head to Zach’s weekly boot camp (I made my teaching debut!) so we could work up an appetite for dinner! Y’all know I love Chipotle, but alas we don’t have one where I live so when ever I travel I eat there as much as I can. We went to a place called Baja Burrito in East Nashville – a similar concept but not a chain. This place was cute and had a great local vibe! I had the Barbcoa (beef) which is always grass-fed local beef on my burrito bowl. I don’t like sour cream so I load my plate up with Pico DeGallo and added some guacamole of course!

Baja Burrito Nashville

Baja Burrito Nashville

It was a huge portion and for Hubs and I the total bill was only $13 – that’s a deal! I love that we get to experience these awesome local food options and not feel guilty about it – they are all healthy, clean food options, that’s a big plus! After dinner we went for coffee at a cute little hipster coffee shop called Frothy Monkey. Kat and I opted for some of their locally made tea and Zach enjoyed a latte, complete with latte art in the foam.

Local Tea from Frothy Monkey

Local Tea from Frothy Monkey

Today we’re checking out the Country Music Hall of Fame and then doing some more sightseeing – lots of walking today – vacations with fit friends are awesome! Then we have a reservation at a local Steak House that serves, you guessed it, local grass-fed beef and other local food options – can’t wait! Hope you enjoyed my food tour of Nashville! You can workout all you want on vacation, however, if you don’t fuel properly than you’re not doing yourself any favors. Seek out awesome local places before you go and you will find ways to eat healthy and clean while on the road!




  1. This all looks amazing! Glad you’re having a fun trip :)

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