Why I Broke Up With My Scale

What? Yes – I haven’t been on a scale since the end of April (I had to finish my diet bet) and I’d bet that I’ve lost a few pounds. Going to Florida was a blessing in more ways than one. See the thing is I’ve been on the scale at least once a week for over a year and a half because I’ve been in some kind of competition that has required me to loose weight to win some kind of prize. While I LOVE these competitions and may someday enter them again, they start to wear on you after a while – mentally that is. I was becomming obessed with the number on the scale and not taking into account the relection in the mirror. In the last competition I did I had lost enough weight at this point to begining seeing muscles develope yet the scale wasn’t moving very fast – well duh – I was building muscle – which is a good thing. The problem I was having with the scale was that I would wake up every morning weather it was weigh-in day or not and hop on the scale (sometime repeatdly) unti I saw the number I wanted – which I knew wasn’t a good thing but I couldn’t help myself.


Going on vacation fored me to break free from my routine and start to trust my body. I took a measuring tape with me and measure my waist around my belly button on the first day I was there. Then I tucked the tape back in my drawer and maybe brought it out two more times while I was there. I used the mirror and my clothing as my guide! It was a freeing experience and from what I can tell it was the beginning of the transformation (mentally) that I had while I was away. Giving up the scale wasn’t as hard as I expected – I thought I’d constantly be wondering if I had gained/lost/maintained but somehow it was OKAY! I was buying smaller sizes when I went shopping, feeling good in a bikini – yes I know right! I was worried I’d start eating a bunch of crap because I didn’t have the pressure of a weigh in – however the opposite happened – my eating actually cleaned up because I felt free to eat as I pleased. If I wanted an entire avocado I ate it, half a watermelon for breakfast – sure!

What a Bikini! I was feeling strong and (somewhat) confident on my TRX!

Now, remember, when I started this journey I was almost 300lbs so YES I think a scale is NECESSARY when you have that much weight to lose. At that weight it’s hard to see a loss of 5, 10 or even 15lbs. A scale is a way to verify all your hard work and motivate you to reach your goals. Once you reach a certain point on your journey (you decide when that is) it’s time to get rid of the scale and learn to trust your body! It’s freeing – trust me! I’m about 30-40lbs away from my goal (I think) and I’m not sure if I will step on a scale to know when I’ve reached it – I think going by the look of your body is a better guage of progress. Since we’re all strong ladies around here I know we’ve got lots of muscule and I’d rather not upset myself about a number on a scale because I gained some muscle. Instead I bought a pair of jeans in a size 8/10 and I’m using that as my goal, HOWEVER, if I’m happy with my body at a size 12 then I’m good with that too.

I found this photo via google but cannot find the original source.

I found this photo via google but cannot find the original source.

All of the women in the photo above weigh 150lbs – see how we all look different at the same number!

Remember – everyone’s time to ditch the scale is different and for some people they might be able to weigh once a week and accept the number whatever that might be. We’re all different!

If you’re still wondering if tossing the scale is right for you check out my pal Zach’s post about it.


  1. Great post Courtney! I haven’t ditched the scale, as I still very much need it on my LOOOONG journey. But I did ditch calorie counting a few weeks back and so far so good. I’m working more at trying to live a balanced life with good food and lots of moving and so far it’s working. A bit slower maybe, but more naturally, and with a lot less stress/pressure. You are doing amazing, and I use you as inspiration :)

  2. Tish West Menyhart says:

    I had never seen that photo before (the 150lb women). What an eye opener! Awesome post Courtney!

  3. Yes, yes, yes for breaking-up with the scale. Love this post & thanks for the inspiration!


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