New York, New York!

Yesterday I got the email that I’ve been waiting for…an invite to the Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet. Last year I was luck to score an invite when this blog was just under 6 months old and it was AMAZING! The Oakley shades you so often see me wearing – that’s where they came from! Just like the gym bag I use everday! I’m so excited to spend a few days in the city and can’t wait to visit my favorite places. NYC truly has a piece of my heart {not to mention my bank account}. This year I’m returning 40+lbs lighter and a whole lot more fit! I’m planning on soaking in all the fitness NYC has to offer in the 3 days I’m there – I’m going back to Physique57, I’d love to check out Olivia at Soul Cycle and I’m sure there’s something else I will find!

FitBlogNYC Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet


  1. Yay for you! I know you are excited!

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