Heart Rate Pump Tabata Workout

I’m starting to enjoy this morning workout thing I’ve started. It’s really helping my energy levels first thing in the morning and then no matter what the day brings I’ve got a good calorie burn under my belt! Today I wanted a good caloric burn so I opted for a mostly cardio based tabata. It’s a tough one but it feels so good once your done!

Heart Rate Tabata Workout

I used my trusty GYMBOSS timer to keep me on pace this morning.

Again I did this one while the kids played in my office. Sawyer likes to try and “workout” with me which provides great entertainment. I had to take a few breaks to take kids to the potty and help them with things but I still got it done!

Mid-Workout Sweaty!


  1. I love working out first thing in the morning! Sometimes I even forget that I worked out and so I work out again at night! lol. Love this set of cardio tabata, i’ll have to try it!

    • I totally should have done this again this morning….I tried to take them to boot camp today and no dice. operation fail. so now it’s 415pm and I have yet to workout :(

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