Weigh-In Wednesday {March 7}

Oh how quickly this week crept up on me! It’s not been my best week to date and on top of that it was PMS week, so that’s usually good for bloating and usually a pound gained…BUT…NOT THIS WEEK! I was happy to see a 1lb loss this week despite everything that was against me. I worked hard, ate well, however, I didn’t track very well for 2 days, and I’m thinking that’s why the loss was only a pound!

It’s time to move on and set the goal for this coming week! Here’s what the workout schedule looks like this week:

Wednesday: 1hr Boot Camp
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 1hr Boot Camp & 90min Hot Yoga
Saturday: 1.5hrs Cardio
Sunday: 1hr Hot Yoga
Monday: 1hr Boot Camp
Tuesday: 1-2hr Treadmill while watching Biggest Loser

Weight Loss Goal: 2lbs

What are you doing this week? Are you trying anything new? What limits are you pushing past?

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