This Weeks Journey

Yikes! I can’t believe its almost been a week since I checked in here! Work is super busy right now and being self-employed I take work as it comes and everything else – with the exception of my gym time – takes a back seat! This week felt better than the one before, my eating was cleaner, and I always notice a change when I start eating too many quick processed meals. They may be quick and cheap but they make me feel like garbage. I’m talking about the microwave dinners that fall within my points but they are so full of sodium and other chemicals my body just feels full of sledge.  I did notice I ate a pizza and it was 11 points+ YIKES! I can make a bigger one that tastes better, has better ingredients, and fills me longer.

The workouts this week included 3 boot camps, 1 hot yoga session. Friday was a double up day that had a boot camp and hot yoga session – OUCH!

Tomorrow is marks the end of an 8 week “Inches Lost” challenge. I’m hoping to win and I’ve been drinking water like its my job for the past 2 days to try and keep away any bloating. If this was a pounds lost challenge I’m sure I’d have this secure!

I got some awesome news that my inspirational quote prints are going to be featured at my training gym – I get an entire wall to display my prints – so pumped!! If you’re interested in purchasing one for your home or office, please visit and contact me. I can turn your favorite quote or one of the quotes we have into a print to match your decor.

Oh! And I’ve seen previews for the new program Bob Harper is launching and I can’t tell you how excited I am to try it out! Here’s the video all about it:

Bob Harper’s NEW Online Fitness Club is launching 4/3/12! It will feature exclusive, invigorating content designed to shape healthier lifestyles and fitter physiques. The site will include new daily videos of Harper leading workouts, kitchen demonstrations with recipes and other healthy lifestyle tips along with progressive circuit workouts, a fitness journal, a community section and a database of Bob’s personal recipes (with vegan and vegetarian options). (source)



  1. Good luck on the weigh in! Im proud of you!

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