A New York State Of Mind

Boat Rentals in Central Park are only $15/hr

New York City for vacation? Yup, that's my favorite thing to do! We jam packed so much into the 5 days we were there, just like the city, we were going all the time. The trip was planned around BloggerBash (more on that later), and then we tacked on a few days on either side to explore the city and … [Continue reading]

Living & Loving Life

Well hello my friends! It's been quite some time since I visited my little corner of the internets. I've added another job to my schedule and well, it's taking up all the time I used to spend over here! It's also summer break for the kiddies and I'm really making an effort to spend less time behind … [Continue reading]

WorkItOut: Outdoor Boot Camp Workout


Well clearly I'm not too awesome at sticking to a blogging schedule - gah! Anyway I'm glad you're all still here, I'll try and keep it semi-regular … [Continue reading]

What Are BCAA’s?

What are BCAA's?

Two common questions I get about one of my supplements is "What are BCAA's? "Why do you take them?" My trainer introduced me to BCAA's just over a … [Continue reading]

Bob Harper Quotes

Bob Harper Quotes

About 5 minutes ago my friend tagged me on Instagram - what I would log in to see literally MADE MY DAY! If you've been following for a while you'll … [Continue reading]

The Scale Is Drunk

Ditch the scale

I've written a few times about the scale and how I feel about it. Yes, it has it's place in the weight loss journey but for some it's harder to quit … [Continue reading]