Saturday Night Thoughts

These last few weeks of recovery have been quite the learning process to me and to be quite honest I'm feeling a little lost in this new "phase" of life. I'm pretty well out of recovery, moving into maintenance mode with my weight loss and learning just how far I can push this body. I've spent many … [Continue reading]

When You’re Already Sweaty, Keep GOING!

Fitness Motivation Quote

It's been far to long since I've posted a great motivational quote over here! I like to use this one in my indoor cycling classes when things start to get tough just after the half way point, usually at the point when the sweat starts to drop off my riders. Print this out, make it your phone … [Continue reading]

DIY Apple Strawberry Juice {Perfect For Kids}

As the warm weather approaches we're all excited for the fresh fruit season! Last summer when I first started juicing we found some great combinations … [Continue reading]

Abdominoplasty Healing Update #3


How time flies! Tomorrow marks 9 weeks since my excess skin removal surgery. In some ways this feels like the longest and yet shortest 9 weeks ever! … [Continue reading]

Finding Fitness Outside

busy mom workout

Don't get me wrong, I love the gym, but sometimes life has different plans for our days that don't include a trip to the gym. So how do we fit in a … [Continue reading]

How Do You Lose Weight?

How do you lose weight?

This blog has helped me connect with so many people over the last 2.5 years and love when I get emails & messages from readers. Over the last few … [Continue reading]